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  1. No, I let it cool down before shutting it off. Or try to print something else before it has cooled down all the way. Do you think that's the issue?
  2. Hola! Okay, so here's the deal: I have two ultimaker 2s. I print stuff daily and on most of the time at the beginning of the day (after the machine has been off or cooled down) I find it clogged up. I have to take the tube out of the print head, move the material to have about three inches of filament and push it back through the head and nozzle before I can print again. I sometimes have to do this between prints up to four or five times a day when I'm printing little things. Any ideas on why my machines clog between prints? Or better yet, what I can do to make sure this stops happe
  3. Hi Friends, I, of course, have lost one of the little blue clips that keep the tubes tightly attached to the print head. I've done some searching and keep finding information about buying new tubes or printing a bowden clip. But I really just want a new little blue clip. Any ideas on where to buy a new one? or a file to print one? Thanks!
  4. Hi Friends, My ultimaker 2 was printing a job that it had already done without any issues and messed up. The melted filament seems to have backed up around the nozzle mechanism INSIDE the print head. I've tried turning up the nozzle temp all the way up to 260 and let as much of the filament melt away as possible. I've been able to clear away some of it with needle nose pliers but now I'm stuck. The dried glob of filament fills up the entire area beneath the fan and isn't melted from the nozzle heat. The glob also goes around the white strings hanging to the print head. I've attach
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