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  1. Ah sorry for the late response haha.. Funny how much time you lose once the holidays get closer.. So by the sounds of it any of the higher end cad programs should do? I will go ahead and take everyones advice and look into both solidworks and fusion 360. SandervG it is definitely a good thing it is a forum hehe, always a better chance someone will help out. Also learning the program is no problem at all, however I find that when most programs try to be more user friendly they add too much clutter and ruin an otherwise good idea. Same goes for trying to be too advanced but hey, then you get to mess with more settings and make it perfect.
  2. Well as the topic title suggests.. I'm still in the process of figuring out how to make decent models for what I want to build. I have tried a few but the ones I have tried all seem to be messy and not so easy to get anything of high quality. I want a program where I can make cone with a flat top and am able to specify the size of both ends as well as the height of the cone(without pulling out a tool to cut up a cylinder, which doesn't even result in an actual cone half the time). It should let me define all dimensions of a cube to the point where i make the bottom square be 3x4x3x3 making the bottom left/right corner of the front be pushed out by 1 increment. I also want to be able to type in coordinates/use keyboard keys to move an object instead of messily trying to slide it around with the mouse only to have it snap to another object and slant at an awkward angle. It should allow me to hollow out an entire object a certain amount (leaving anywhere between 1mm to 10mm walls and without cloning the object, scaling down a tiny bit, then subtracting it after centering it inside which can be a pain). Also using the keyboard to move camera instead of the mouse would be a bonus. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. If not then suggest it to your current programs creator and let me know if they ever make changes.
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