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  1. thanks Sander i will give it another try Maarten
  2. It there someone who succeded in making a working wrench? i have tried several on the web found but non was working the offset possiblity was used and that made it a little bit better, but still not working below picture are top and bottom side bottom side is very poor!! Machine UM3 Nozzle 0.4 Layer height 0.1 material tried: PLA and ABS Support either PLA or PVA with the ABS
  3. Version 1.0


    I needed a testing stand to check the roundness and the swiffel of some items. The higher support is Multi purpose, you can either mount the bearing support or the pin for centering in the center hole of a shaft. Height adjustment is easy so that you can line this with the fixed bearing support
  4. Version 1.0


    new plexiglass support for my UM3 hood
  5. will thinnen layers be better or worse?
  6. i have printed with this reel of ABS before and worked fine, but for some reason there is a poor cohesion between the lines result a, brittle part that is not good Table 60° Extruder 220° Fan Off layer height 0.2mm speed 3600mm/min Nozzle 0.4 anybody any idear?
  7. limburgmetaal

    PLA Ripples

    I have both cura and s3d, if i can help than let me know
  8. limburgmetaal

    PLA Ripples

    have you tried to make the same print with an other slicing program as well cura and s3d? if so this will eliminate the error in a Gcode
  9. Can you glue 2 pieces of a pla printed part together? I tried to use Loctile 415, but that is not working
  10. I put it under the tap, 2 minutes cold water and it is loose
  11. how can you see if there is a new firmware available and what your current firmware issue is?
  12. I can not see where you can save your programm setting. The machine setting can be save as profile, that is easy. but if you have a builtup of several STL files on your table, all lined out that there is maximum parts and still good space, then i can't save that. is this not something that more people would need, or have i overlooked something?
  13. thanks, i never know that there was so much hidden "underwater" do you give a possitive value or negative value to make the holes bigger? i assume a +1 or is this trial and errow combined with a bit of good luch
  14. is there anyone who made these adjustable wrenches that work? i tried today two different versions but both are stuck and can't get any movement
  15. some ventilation will be needed, but mostlikly the main purpose is to stop the draft. as the bed and the extruders are temp controlled they should be able to cope with the hood
  16. 1st try to make a adjustable wrench. mat PLA+PVA step 0.15 result -/- Top is ok, bottom is poor, plus there is in this model to little play wich result in non moving parts. SLT was downloaded from open source.
  17. I can't find anywhere to swith of the lights on the UM3, the tune option during printing is not listing it. the reason to turn them down/off is that i like to print overnight any idear?
  18. PLA+PVA works great! thanks for the advise the PLA extruder has a small dribble, but that might be the filament (innofil3d)
  19. if i try the PLA/PVA version, would the following setting be ok? PLA 195° PVA 220° Bed 60 °
  20. hi Sander, Bed leveling done through the setup with the card As well as XY setting calibrated etc PVA setting was mentioned, 220° and 80 on the bed. I will try tomorrow the PLA/PVA as it looks that ABS/PVA is a non-starter the printer is standing in a normal office, we have put a cloth over the top with the last two attempt to eliminate the draft and loss of temp. Glue, we used the 3dlac spray
  21. Hi Sander Thanks, I choose the ultimaker3 as this had the option to work with the PVA But whatever i print it will not stick below trial nr 3, and again a failure
  22. i am trying to get ABS en PVA, initial the start-up was not sticking, but also the PLA is getting seperated from the PVA as well.,
  23. has anybody made already a hood over the Ultimaker3 and a door to get a better temprature controll?
  24. good morning all anybody got any advise on following; working on the 1st trials and trying to get to understand all settings. PVA on 220°, Bed on 80°, glas plate clean and spraid with 3dlac Problem the 1st bid of the print is not sticking to the bed any sugestions are welcom. thanks
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