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  1. I changed heating wires and now everything is ok. Thank you.
  2. I don't use other side firmware. I just updated my old one with Cura to Vers:_2.6.2 jul 4 2017 I slided bed manually and found the problem is in bad connection. But there are no screws on the bed. So I'll try to change bed or wires. Thanks
  3. Hi. I have problems with buildplate heating. It preheats well (I tried all range of temperatures from 60 to 115 C). It also keeps temperature well when it's raised. And it keeps temperature when extruder is hot. But after print begins buildplate temperature decreases to ambient temperature and corners begin to warp. When I put the print on pause buildplate temperature increases to working temperature again until I press resume. I use Cura 3.2.1 but I don't think it's slicer problem. I unplugged heating contacts from buildplate and mainboard, cleaned everything with alcohol but it hasn't h
  4. Hi, everyone. I have Ultimaker 2+. It worked fine for a year, then hot end fan began to rotate slowly. I replaced it. The new one worked for three weeks, and then the same problem occurred, afterwards it stopped. I measured voltage. It was 2.53V both at the end of the cable and on the main board, instead of 5V as it should be. Have anyone faced similar problem? Any advices?
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