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  1. Thanks a lot for your "manual". It´s was a succes :o))
  2. Thanks for your comment. Regarding this page it must be a Cura-bug. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52029-manage-printers I have tried to rerun the wifi setup, but it has no effect when i´m using LAnN instead of Wifi. The API-method .... is unknown for me.
  3. Hello Do any of you know how I can rename a printer in Cura v3.5.1. - The Rename-button i disabled.
  4. Hi My printer (UM3) have problems with communication with the print head. I often got ER18 with the text "There is a communication error with the print head" It often occurs when the print is finished and the print head i "homing" to the start position. It´s also occurs after a (by me) aborted print - also when the print head is homing. When I have dismounted/mounted the print heads, I often can print again. Maybe has the ER18-problem started after I in this week updated the firmware, but I´m not sure. What to do? Any suggestions? /KP
  5. How can i see page more than page 1 in the forum "Community = > Forum = > Hardware = > Ultimaker 3"? When I´m clicking "next page" or "page 2" I´m being resend to "Community = > Forum"
  6. Hi I have just bought an UM3 (upgraded from UM2+), and have now finished my first print with PVA support. Can some of you tell me why Cura makes a lot of unnecessary support on the outside of the parts, when I´m using Extruder 2 (PVA) for support print? /Best regards KP
  7. I am trying to configure my Synology Surveillance Station to see my UM3 camera, but without succes. Can you tell me how you did it. /Best regards
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