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  1. So this is the Ultimaker standard? :( I know how I feel about it, but that's not important, what is important is you being happy with your purchase. Have you tried printing the Ultimaker bot on his back with pla support, normal print quality and standard profile settings? I know you have found my thread and there are a couple of pictures on there of the same print.
  2. My third printer was finally picked up for a refund on the 12/12/16. I do now however have a letter from the supplier for legal proceedings to start as I still have to pay for it. There's no way I'm paying for a faulty product! Ultimaker, have a word with your resellers, you say you work hand in hand with them. Over and out.
  3. It's now two weeks on and I still have the third printer. Yep, it's still packed up in its box from the 28/11/16. Why? Well, mainly the reseller is hopeless. Luckily (I think) for me they refunded the first printer by mistake and replaced it. I didn't know about the refund until last week, so the printer I have is not my property to use as I do not feel like paying for a faulty printer. I have filed for a refund even though I have had that already, but still the printer sits here, even after the reseller sent an email with a collection time and date on it. I've been sent a final reminder to
  4. If I do all three will this jinx me more? I hope not. Reply updated to your message this morning. Thanks as always, all solutions are of interest.
  5. I'm pretty sure that this is something that is not available on the UM3 presently. I'm sure as things evolve in Cura it will be available it the future.
  6. On a second thought, it maybe worth checking your print head axis's are square and parallel to start with, as the switch would have worked before shipping. So perhaps shipping has also made it skip a tooth on the belt putting the switch position out just as you are experiencing. Well worth checking.
  7. Hi Ulrik, There is a option in the calibration menu to reset the core switching position. It's easy to do and all the instructions are easy to follow in the menu. I believe it's under system/maintenance/calibration/calibrate lift switch. By the sounds of it this should have you sorted
  8. I am still onboard, I'll go down with the ship, or will I be made to walk the plank? Shall we find out? Ok, so by now you know my UM3 is my third printer, the replacement for the replacement, and it has problems with the slider blocks, posted late Friday. This was boxed back up Monday not just for the slider blocks but for this as well. Now this looks like grinder marks from where the ends of the Z axis's were deburred. Hard to photo with my skills, but I can insert them with ease now. Not good for the longevity for the bearings. Also the X axis, different story, but also not good for
  9. Hi SandervG, reply sent, although it seems more disappeared this end. iPad is not friendly with this interface. Will post again tomorrow if it's not with you. Many thanks.
  10. I think I've created a tread where us unlucky individuals hangout :( I do feel Ultimaker wants us to be happy with there products, but I do feel you on the quality front, some of the details are just annoying. If I get another replacement, knowing my luck I'll have that issue to face next. I'm not sure if I can be without an UM3, I'm sure I want to be happy with one though.
  11. Hi RayvenMaker, I have to agree with the first part of your post. It's this that makes it a difficult decision to live with it or without it. I found on the three units I have had that the limit switch wires can just about be pushed away from the belt. The closer you push nearer the switch the better, but please be careful not to break the contacts that the wires are fixed to. I would recommend you check the LED wiring to. Same side, top front left, two of the units I had had the wires rubbing on the aluminium pulley. It's not easy to see, but you will clearly see it if it is rubbing, easi
  12. The replacement of the replacement to be replaced? Assembly or shipping damage? I looked at boxing this one up this morning, so while I had the packaging I thought I would share with you these I checked the printer over when I got it and it looked good so I dismissed the broken packaging as just broken packaging. I wasn't sure if it was just the misplaced power cable that coursed the packaging to break at first, but further inspection shows there has been a fairly large impact to the packaging where the rear of the printer sits.
  13. Thanks Dim3nsioneer, I have tried these options. I'll design the part different next time. It still turn out functional. Thanks again.
  14. Hi bagel-orb, Ok, thanks, at least I'm not overlooking anything.
  15. Auto levelling is just a tool to make printing easier for the masses and away for everyone to have successful prints without the need to keep manually adjusting. The sound is not a fault, it's just a byproduct of auto levelling. All printers with auto levelling do this. I think the Ultimaker steppers are fairly quiet, I still turned auto levelling off though. @Zwakie, it sounds like you like leveling your build plate manually 8)
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