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  1. (I have no idea why Cura2.3.1 generated it - I commented it out.) It turns out the I must have been exploring Cura and ran the (preinstalled?) plugin TweakAtZ 5.1 without knowing what I was doing and left it on. I later sliced a bunch of models and found that it does add GCode to stop at a specified height that works with my Ultimaker 3. It also has an option to stop at a specified layer, but I have not tested that. I suspect that that "Pause at Height" mentioned by DaiHai8 works as well.
  2. This M25 command worked in Gcode on my Ultimaker3. (I have no idea why Cura2.3.1 generated it - I commented it out.) ;TYPE:CUSTOM ; -- Pause at height (5.00 mm) -- M25 ; Pauses the print and waits for the user to resume it ;LAYER:48 G0 X118.5 Y26.724 Z5.07 ;TweakAtZ V5.1: executed at 5.07 mm M117 Printing... tw@ 5.1
  3. I find that Cura slices after every model is imported. If I import n models, Cura slices n-1 times more than is neccessary. Similarly, if I adjust the position of a model, Cura slices. Can Slicing be inactivated until I have everything imported and lined up? Thanks
  4. I am still looking for a solution to this problem for using a single extruder with the Ultimaker3. I have independently sliced 9 models, each in a different position in a 3x3 array spread across my printer bed in Cura. Now I would like to stitch the 9 gcode files together into one gocode file, where I know that the extruder head path avoids previous models. I plan to eliminate the duplicated setup code at the beginning of files 2-9 and at the end of files 1-8. I can find the start of each object in the G-code : ;TYPE:SKIRT as well as the end (lines 1-12 below). I think I should delete the lines before the ;TYPE:SKIRT label and lines 2-12 below (and the rest of the ;SETTING lines that follow). Am I deleting any relevant commands? I know this is not elegant, but am just looking to get the job done. Thaks for any suggestions! 1. G1 X48.504 Y180.476 E47.60104 2. M204 S5000 ;SET DEFAULT ACCELERATION 3. M205 X30 ;MINIMUM TRAVEL SPEED 4. G0 F15000 X48.5 Y180.62 5. ;TIME_ELAPSED:881.021566 6. G1 F1500 E41.10104 7. M204 S3000 ;SET DEFAULT ACCELERATION 8. M205 X20 ;MINIMUM TRAVEL SPEED 9. M107 ;FAN OFF 10. M104 S0 ;SET EXTRUDER TARGET TEMP (turn off?) 11. M104 T1 S0 ;SET EXTRUDER TARGET TEMP (turn off?) 12. ;End of Gcode
  5. Thank you tinkergnome for the welcome to the forum and for the redirect. It is exactly what I needed. I searched the forums but did not find the posting you sent me too. It is good to know that I wasn't missing something obvious in the Cura profile settings. It is also good to know that my decision to go for an open source solution was the right one. I have only had my Ultimaker 3 for 72 hours, and am happy with what I am able to do. I expect I will be pushing the limits for small models so will likely be back for more advice and hopefully will have something to share as well. Thanks again
  6. I have small models that I would like to print sequentially. I have found examples using 'Print Sequence' in the Forums. However, I cannot activate the setting in Cura 2.3.1. I have loaded 2 models on either side of the build plate and selected all models. I expect to see the Print Sequence option. It is checked under Preferences / Settings Visibility. My models are 8.2mm tall and 12.6mm in diameter, so I don't think they are too large. I understand from previous posts that the 'Print Sequence' option may not appear if models that are too high, but don't find any specifics on how high is too high - I am guessing 50-60 mm to the lowest printhead rod for the first layer, so think I have plenty of room. Printing a single model on my new Ultimaker3 works fine. Cura is running under Windows 10. I use a thumb drive to transfer files so am not connected to my printer. I am new to 3-D printing and to Cura. I'd appreciate advice on how I can activate 'Print Sequence' in Cura or what to look for in my models that might be preventing activation. Many Thanks
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