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  1. Hi, I'm selling my Ultimaker 3 (I'm upgrading). The printer is in very good condition with all its accessories, apart from the filaments and the glue stick 🙂. There is only a small chip on the underside of the print glass, but that doesn't interfere with the printing in no way. The printer is in Bulgaria. I'm looking for 2500€ plus shipping.
  2. I'm having a very strange problem with my Ultimaker 3. I'm currently printing with Nylon and PVA. I'm first printing a raft in Nylon which prints perfectly. Afterwards it's supposed to print the PVA supports, but the printer doesn't move the buildplate downwards and the nozzle just scratches through the raft layer after layer until I abort it. Does anyone have an idea as to why this is happening? I printed many times with almost the same settings (apart from shell thickness and overhang angle and speed) and everything was perfect.
  3. How do you use these functions? When I check either of them, I stop seeing the layers and I get the "ready to save to file".
  4. kan4o

    Prime Tower

    Ok, but how would bending the plate help with the glass being shaped like a saddle? The glass would remain being shaped that way.
  5. kan4o

    Prime Tower

    Even if this is apparent, wouldn't that be "fixed" by the active bed levelling? When I watch closely how the first layer on top of the raft is deposited, I think that it's too far from it and it just doesn't stick so well.
  6. kan4o

    Prime Tower

    I really hope there would be an option to do something like the fillet function in Fusion 360 to the base of the tower for additional support and stability. Mine gets knocked down almost all of the time and I think an option like this could be a great improvement.
  7. Is there an option to stop depositing material on the prime tower, once only the main extruder is operating. I'm currently printing a model with PVA support only 1/3 of the height of the model and from there on it's only nylon. It would be time and material saving to stop depositing on the prime tower, but I can't find such an option. Maybe in a future update?
  8. Even if the raft is PVA it still doesn't go to the tower between these layers. I'm printing it with the 0.15mm resolution and it's ok for now (it's around the 10th layer). no idea whats goes wrong with the tower... but I had good result printing both the raft and support in PVA (with Nylon+PVA)
  9. Exactly, the path of the print head doesn't go to the tower. This is with layer height of 0.06mm. Mysteriously, when I changed the height to 0.15mm all was fine and it showed that the head was printing tower in the first layers. Still haven't tried it with the printer though.
  10. I have a similar problem. I'm printing PVA + Nylon. I print a raft with nylon and after that (5th layer) it starts to print PVA support. The problem is, that between 7th and 11th layer the printer doesn't print on the prime tower and when it does print on the 12th layer it doesn't adhere to it and everything becomes stringy from there on. Can somebody suggest some workaround?
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