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  1. Hello, Im new to 3d printing and am hoping people can offer some advice on how to improve. Im printing jewellery using a copper PLA blend filament on the ultimaker 2. I have also used a Brass PLA filament. The result is ok, but the top layers are not complete in parts, and the infill does not meet the walls so you send up seeing gaps. Any suggestions to improve greatly appreciated! . Heres a picture and my settings are below: . Rhino3d export settings: Tolerance: 0.001 Max distance, edge to surface: 0.001 Min initial Quads: 16 Everything else:0 . Cura settings: Nozzle dia:0.4 Layer height:0.2 Initial layer height:0.4 Line width: 0.4 Wall Thickness:0.8 wall line count:2 Top layer thickness:0.2 Top layers:4 Bottom layer thickness: 0.8 Top bottom pattern: lines Ignore small Z gaps Infill density:50% Infill wipe distance: 0.1 Infill layer thickness:0.1 Infill before walls speed 30mm/s outer wall speed 15mm/s inner wall speed 30mm/s top/bottom speed 15 Travel speed 150 cooling fans on, min layer time 5sec union overlapping volumes material brass PLA at 210 degrees Also tried copper PLA at 210 degrees
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