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  1. I am a new M2 user and have been printing successfully for weeks using PLA. Most parts have been small. Now I have graduated to larger parts and am starting to have some issues. I was reading some posts from others about warping on the corners of larger parts and saw some hints. One of them was to ensure the bed was level using the Simplify 3D bed leveling wizard. I thought this could be a contributor so I did it using paper to represent 0.1 mm. My original bed leveling was with a business card. By the way, I did find the leveling wizard to be pretty useful for those that didn't know about it. However, now I am seeing significant wrinkling of the first layer. (See the attached picture) The outer edges seem to grab hold just fine but the middle is not adhering to the bed. I figured maybe my nozzle is too close to the bed because this was not a significant problem before I leveled the bed using paper. Therefore I adjusted the first layer extrusion height several times making it as high as 130% before giving up and taking the attached picture. The original setting was 90%. Did I mess something up with getting the nozzle too close when doing the leveling? OR Is this just an adhesion issue and I need to start using hairspray as so many other posts have suggested? I saw a very small amount of wrinkling before I leveled the bed, but now it is very excessive. Also, I wipe the glass clean every time before I print something. I'm at a loss for what to try to fix this. Any help would be appreciated. If I just continue with the print the wrinkles end up causing nasty vibration as the nozzle passes over them. That can't be good for the nozzle. For that reason I want to fix this before I do any further printing. thanks, Richard About Me: I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firms You can check 2d animation video examples one of my work.
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