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  1. Haven't posted in a long time, but I continue to use my makerbot and it mostly prints what I want as long as I don't try to use both print heads in one project. If I try that, it prints the left inches out of register.
  2. I've heard of sailfish. Perhaps I'll give it a try.
  3. It's working! It needs the old style .s3g file. Oh, yes. I am NOT a robot.
  4. "Now i am not very experienced with Makerbots, i try to keep away from them" Pretty wise, I'd say.
  5. From Meduza's post, I got ReplicatorG that gets me an x3g file. When I select "print from SD card," my replicator just stops doing anything till I turn it off, but I have an idea of something to try. I'm wondering if it can't deal with the file system of my 16GB SD card. I have a couple 1GB cards around. I'll dig one of those out.
  6. Never figured I'd be able to buy a 3d printer, but I found this at the local thrift (junk) shop. MakerBot doesn't seem to remember having made these as it isn't listed in their software. A friend suggested that Cura v 15.4.6 lists the old replicator under Machine - Add New Machine, and indeed, it does. Cura writes me the .gcode file and lets me save it on my SD card, but I'm told that makerbot only recognizes a .x3g file. How do I get this x3g file? It turns on the lights and display and I can move the carriage around with the "jog" function. When I try to actually "print" from the SD card
  7. I just obtained, from a thrift shop, of all paces, a MakerBot Replicator. This is the original with laser cut plywood frame. There's no way this idiot could have bought a 3d printer the "normal" way The power supply is missing, but I have one on order. A friend suggested I download Cura because you have a profile for my printer. MakerBot seems to have forgotten this one. I don't find it listed in your list of printers: My printer: Do you have any suggestions? Comments? Snide remarks? Torby (I am no robot but sometimes people mistake my speaking for one.)
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