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  1. Please could someone tell me where to find the configuration.h file on my PC? - I can find endless hints and tips on the configuration of it - tweaks mods etc - but I have yet to find anywhere that mentions where it is located!!!
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply, the motherboard is a green one, V1.5.7. The heated bed came from Anet and has the connector on it, unfortunatly there does not seem to be any info on the sensor. I think I need to know two things - do I need the 4.7K resistor to be fitted at R4 position, and where to set the sensor type? I have read some people referring to editing the 'configuration.h' file. Although I was an electronics engineer, and now work with PC's I do not have much experience with 3D printing software. Do I need to make changes in Cura or in the Ardunio software, and if so where / how? Any help will be much appreciated. The Ultimaker works, the MOSFET module heat's the bed up if I manually add a 12V signal to the input - I just need the temperature to be sensed! best regards, Kev
  3. Hi there I have an Ultimaker Original and have added a third party version 3 heated bed (the common black one). All was going well, I have added the bed, a glass plate - MOS-FET module. Upgraded Cura to the latest version, firmware upgrade done. The temp sensor to the bed is wired to 'temp 3'. I have tried with and without the 4.7K resistor. the display has a temp reading for the bed, but it shows '0' - can anyone advise? I have also tried a spare temp sensor connected to 'temp 3' - same result Best regards, Kev
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