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  1. Nothing has changed other than firmware updates or cura versions. I even tried different filament and it happened. I was able to free the one core though with the filament still stuck in it to were I could yank and pull it. The first core now is the issue where the filament is stuck above the melt/heat area and below were it enters core so that I can't pull or touch it.
  2. I checked the fan it's it's good. I was finally able to free the filament stuck in the core #2 lets call it. The one with the filament still coming out of it. The first core is my issue now as the filament is stuck below were it enters core but above the melt/heated area. Anyone know how you might get his out without taking the core apart?
  3. I'm in a similar boat here. I had one build core already get the filament stuck inside the upper tube from what I can tell. I swapped my 2nd core over and that was printing fine. Come home today to find it's is also clogged now. The first core I snapped the pva just below were it goes into the tube on the core and I feel i'm pretty screwed. The 2nd one still has the filament attached with a good amount to play with. How the heck are you suppose to fix this. Also how is it this happened to me with 2 different filaments on two different cores. I haven't tried sticking anything u
  4. I have an um3 that has worked flawlessly for over 8 months, in the last week now I have had 2 separate build cores end up with filament stuck in them where it will not unload or push through. Nothing will help. 1 core now has filament stuck in the heat break and it snapped just below were the filament goes into the core. the 2nd one hasn't snapped off but I can't get it to move even at 280cc and I'm afraid to mess with it. I bought a new core to replace the first assuming it was a fluke but now it happened to my second core in less than a week. Using curator 2.7beta and two different typ
  5. I moved it a bit and it started working again. maybe a cord? I'm scared to move it again lol. You moved the printer? Then I guess it's a question of WiFi signal strength...? It didn't have anything to do with the signal I don't think because it was never an issue. I just think the cord might have been loose. I just looked underneath and swapped some filament out. I think maybe I moved a cable back into place. I was just trying to avoid opening any compartments..
  6. I have been working on this myself. the best thing I have found it to change the nozzle doing the letters to 1 for wall thickness. I found when more are set it fills in better. Still trying to find the best font to use. My limit though is around 5mm height on some of the fonts.
  7. I moved it a bit and it started working again. maybe a cord? I'm scared to move it again lol.
  8. My camera has stopped working on my UM3. It doesn't send any images to cura any longer. Nothing has changed on the side of the printer. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Not sure if this was added but when I got my UM3 I didn't see one rod was not snapped in. I was hearing some knocking with was I think the rod. Might be worth checking if it wasn't already.
  10. Ok this is good to know. Just as an update in case anyone has any ideas. I put some time in yesterday and have had the following results. I have indeed tried the z height calibration. In fact I took the time yesterday to remove all the material and swap the two AA cores with each other. Still the auto calibration on the core 2 will not work. Doesn't matter which core is in the 2nd slot. If I turn auto bed leveling off both cores will work at the manually adjusted height. It just seems to be the auto calibration should work. I checked the firmware and have the current stable version a
  11. Issue ended up being mainly that one of the rods arrived popped out and I didn't know. because of this the autoleveling was not working right. Basically somethign I should have caught. I have been able to at least now use the 2nd core things seem ok. ------------------------------------ Hi All, My new UM3 doesn't seem to be autoleveling the 2nd core. Everything seems fine on the first one but the 2nd one when it autolevels seems to set the Z height wrong. No matter wait it's always higher than the first core and never lines up or sticks to print because it's so significantly higher. T
  12. Thanks so much. I think this did it. I swear it was hard to find this info but I appreciate it so much.
  13. OMG i'm glad i'm not crazy. I have this same issue on a 2 hour old ultimaker. I was pulling my hair out. video of issue if it helps. https://youtu.be/uA7Ub89dFGk The worse part is I waited a week for this thing to not a single print off yet. and I have to leave out of town tomorrow.
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