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  1. Thanks for the help. I ended up unscrewing the screws from the side of the frame, but only two at a time, so I don't think I've messed with the rigidity of the frame... (I didn't remove any panels!). I'll post pictures of it when i'm done, but basically I created a barral hinge and mounted the hinge to the frame by buying 20mm M3 screws (manually tightened the screws as to not over tighten). I connected via the upper two screws for one hinge and the lower two screws for the lower hinge. So far it's working out well. I made the door with 1/2" acrylic, which I realized afterwards was overkill, but it looks really nice. I mounted the hinges in a way that the acrylic closes flush with the front panel. Next step is the upper enclosure (1/4" acrylic for this one...)
  2. I want to build a door for my UM3 and I'm trying to find the screw size. I found posts for the UM2+ saying that they're M3 screws. Anyone know if they are the same for the UM3? Anyone know the screw lengths for the front panels? (so I know how much longer to get to affix my door). Anything I should be aware of before I go removing screws? (I'm gonna do it one at a time, carefully)
  3. [Checks IP address on printer again to make sure i'm not a dumb-ass] Yup, correct IP address. I'm not in DEV mode. Do I need to be to use this feature? If so, what is DEV mode? [system > Network > Connection status] is how I checked it. So they sent me the Wifi board along with a Y stop switch (which broke) when I mentioned that the wifi was spotty. I can replace it and see if it helps. Side note, is there a way to send prints via WiFi without using Cura? I'm currently using Simplify3D. EDIT: I googled Dev mode.
  4. Tried that and it didn't work. This site can’t be reached192.168.1.234 refused to connect.Try:Checking the connectionChecking the proxy and the firewallERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED EDIT: The printer is on but not currently printing anything if that matters. EDIT2: The connection is spotty when connecting to Cura. One time i'll send a print over Wifi and it'll work just fine, another time i'll have to try to send it 5 times... Ultimaker sent me a new Wifi board, so I can replace that if you think that is the issue. I'm not convinced it is, because I can access the printer via the IP address, but what do I know...
  5. Whenever I try to pull up the printers camera ( it redirects me to the setup page. I've already setup the printer and gave it a name and all. I can view it in Cura. Have I missed something? I'd really like to be able to view the print progress without being at the printer. From my understanding, I have to be at home (where the printer is) to be able to do this. Is there a way to view it on my phone from anywhere with coverage? I don't know a whole lot about Networking so you might have to ELI5 for me... or point me to a good resource and I can learn how to do it. Thanks.
  6. Multiple prints it is then! Thanks for the quick reply!
  7. Has anyone tried switching print cores while the printer is paused? I'd like to swap the BB print core for an AA and print with a different material at a specific height. Is that even possible? I'm not sure if I even have access to those controls while it's paused...
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