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  1. When printing with PVA last night on an Ultimaker 3 Extended, we noticed the bb nozzle was getting extremely coated in the material. So much so, that the print failed catastrophically. Unfortunately I was not there to see it so I do not have a picture of the failure. Because of the failure, we decided to swap print cores and calibrate the z,x, and y axis. When trying to calibrate the z offset, the build plate moves up and down slightly, the printer moves the printhead around, while the screen goes through the prompts, but the build plate never lifts up to calibrate and the head returns to home
  2. I have another question to add to my previous one. Will the saved project format be compatible with future versions of Cura? This feature is fantastic for us so we can archive our prints and print them months in the future when neede. If the future Cura versions cannot read these project files, the files will become useless, assuming we have updated Cura. Archiving our prints is essential to our use of the printer and without future compatibility, the function is flawed.
  3. Sounds like the 2.4 Beta answered all of my prayers. When are you expecting this version to go from a Beta to a final release? In an office with 15+ engineers wanting this software on their computers, it can be time consuming for our IT department to install the software on all the computers, especially if the final release will be published soon.
  4. This may have been answered before, so if so, please let me know. My office owns an Ultimaker 3 Extended and we print using the LAN cable over our network. We cannot export files onto usb drives due to our software policy. How to we store files so we can easily print them months from now. Say we have a template, and 6 months from now it breaks, how to we print it with the click of a button? As of now, when we save in Cura 2.3(2.3.1 does not work with our network, see my other post about this) the file saves as GCODE. We cannot open a GCODE file in Cura which means there is no way to send the f
  5. I have actually cancelled my esun order because a spool of Ultimaker PVA was delivered to us last Friday. If I ever do have to go with a third party PVA, I will return to this thread.
  6. It seems like ICE does not deliver to the US. I have ordered esun PVA from amazon. I will reply back with how it goes.
  7. I will start this by saying the PVA included with the Ultimaker 3 Extended is fantastic. It prints relatively easy and dissolves quickly with no effort. With that being said, all that remains for my company is what is left of our initial 350g spool. We had ordered another spool of Ultimaker PVA from Dynamism but it looks like this material is delayed until "Q1 2017" on all the US reseller's websites. We have grown accustomed to the quality that comes with printing supports with PVA. As much as I love Ulitmaker's PVA, what is a good PVA alternative in the mean time. Along with this, can the oth
  8. I apologize for the delayed response. We ended up installing Cura 2.3.0 instead of 2.3.1 and everything works properly. I do not know what caused the issue with 2.3.1. We have not yet tried to install 2.3.1 one another computer, but we will do so soon. I will reply on this thread with the conclusion.
  9. My company just purchased an Ultimaker 3 Extended and have set it up and printed sample prints. We were able to connect the printer via Ethernet but we are having issues with Cura. We are using Cura 2.3.1 64 bit. The printer is connected and I am even able to view the onboard camera, but when I load a model, it will not slice. The 3D object gets dropped on the build plate but in the bottom right it just says "slicing..." and the bar does not move. This is consistent for every model I use. I can manipulate the models on the build plate but the slicing never happens. I am unable to print anythin
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