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  1. A year later and this is still a problem that isn't explained by the tooltip.
  2. What's the procedure for changing the filament during a print on the Ultimaker 2 when you expect the first reel of filament to run out mid-print? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, peggyb. Someone else suggested enamel paint which is available cheaply in very small quantities (for painting models and miniatures) so I will probably end up using that.
  4. I have a small hobby project in which I'm printing some keyboard keycaps with an SLA 3D printer with the intention of filling in an inset legend with some kind of paint or resin which will harden in a contrasting colour (white since the SLA resin is black) but I don't know exactly what to use. The spaces I fill will be really small so I need to use something with low viscosity which I can inject with a (blunt, narrow needle) syringe and it will self-level and harden very slowly so I have time to inject about 70 characters in total. I know two-part resins are available but I don't know their vi
  5. I think Cura should be able to accept the following situation where two parts overlap because there's an overhang so they don't make contact. I think it should be able to print the lower piece and then move onto the taller piece without them interfering with each other.
  6. Thank you for this advice! The Ultimaker belongs to my local maker space and the nozzle is 0.4 mm. The feeder is not the original but I don't know where it came from. I'll send an e-mail to the maker space mailing list and ask about the TFM (PTFE synonym?) coupler.
  7. I've been printing on an Ultimaker 2 with a transparent PLA which comes out somewhat off-white/cream and I wonder whether it's because of the temperature (230 °C). If I print at a lower temperature, the print stops at some point, showing signs of under-extrusion as the nozzle seems to get blocked. I wonder if I could print at a lower temperature if the Bowden tube was PTFE instead the PFA tube I'm assuming the UM2 was supplied with. I figure that the PTFE would offer less resistance to the flow of filament.
  8. I've enabled retract at layer change but I think I need to change the gcode flavour in order to set the 'retraction retract speed' and 'retraction prime speed'. Is that important to make this work?
  9. What would happen if you set it to spiralize when the cylinder walls are thicker than a single extruded line?
  10. Here's a link to the STL file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ks3kr8dy6y30bg/Test%20fit%201%20mm%20%2B%201%20mm%20%3D%202%20mm.stl?dl=0 Here's a link to my cura.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/viln2ycctdc4wx8/cura.log?dl=0
  11. The above screenshot is another program in which I opened the STL. It's actually the same program that exported the STL in the first place (123D Design).
  12. I didn't realise it was possible to escape the survey.
  13. I have an STL file with two objects in it. When I import it into Cura 2.4, only one of the objects is imported. If I try to import the same STL again, it puts in another copy of the same object. Why is it doing that?
  14. Every time I download Cura I have to fill in a survey, even if I'm logged in to ultimaker.com. Could my details not be saved so I don't have to enter them again and again?
  15. I have an eight-year-old Acer Aspire 5738Z laptop and with either Win 7 or Win 10 it crashes immediately. Win 7 said it applied some kind of compatability setting but whatever it did made no difference. C:\Users\Sean\AppData\Local\cura\cura.log 2017-03-10 20:06:29,127 - INFO - UM.PluginRegistry.loadPlugin [100]: Loaded plugin FileLogger2017-03-10 20:06:29,144 - INFO - UM.PluginRegistry.loadPlugin [100]: Loaded plugin GCodeProfileReader2017-03-10 20:06:29,162 - INFO - UM.PluginRegistry.loadPlugin [100]: Loaded plugin GCodeWriter2017-03-10 20:06:29,195 - INFO - UM.PluginRegistry.loadPlugin
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