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  1. Nothing wrong (seemingly) in layer view. Realizing that this is a knowledge base / learning curve (my own) issue! Thanks for the help
  2. Sliced view looked good, think the issue was bed adhesion. Appreciate the assistance.
  3. I think I figured it out! Bed adhesion! I have another print running now (60% speed) and dropped the bed temp to 50C (using PLA on glass) I believe the tail end of the print moved causing the "hairs" (nozzle not aligned to the moved print) Appreciate the help. I'm sure I will have more questions as I go... just got in to the printer 3 weeks ago!
  4. Can only get half way through a print (21hr print) and this happens (see pic) Ultimaker3 extended. Materials: PLA Sliced in Cura (though once I import the .obj file I can not see the model, only in Layer view) Bed temp 50C to 55C Extruder 210C glue on the print bed Room temp at 78F - 80F Model situated at a 45degree angle (back left to front right) because I need a 1/1 scale so it's the only way I can get it. Using Brim and supports (everywhere) I'm a newbie so be gentle and talk slow! lol
  5. I loaded to Version 2.3.1 (Mac OSX operating system) Unfortunately I can not share the files due to a NDA (Non Disclosure). Is their any list of potential issues I could troubleshoot? Thanks
  6. Newbie so be gentle:) Trying to import a model. I have both the .stl and .obj files! The .stl file loads but is not visible in any View Mode! The .obj file loads but is only visible in the "Layers" View Mode. Once I attempt to re-size the model it disappears!
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