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  1. Thank you so much for the information Togeir, so does it mean Ultimaker 3 can in general print 3mm filament without issue even in the long run? I am asking this because I read from other threads in the forum that people have been saying printing 3mm filament with Ultimaker will in long run stresses the feeder and damages the feeder. Moreover, apparently it squeezes the filament too much, so it affects the print quality. I wonder what is your experience on printing 3.00mm in terms of that? Many thanks, Jordan YK
  2. Hi dear forum, We are a medical startup company that is looking to certified our product through CSA. We need the enclosure to be made out of UL94 certified material. To our surprise, it is hard if not impossible to find one for 2.85mm. Instead we found this one: https://filaments.ca/collections/2-85mm-3d-filaments/products/flame-retardant-abs-filament-natural-3-00mm?variant=1269287036 Wonder if anyone has tried this with Ultimaker, how does it turn out? (since it is 3mm instead of 2.85mm) Or do you recommend anything else? (We need the filament to be white.) Cheers, Jordan YK
  3. Hi Spiderfilament, We are a medical startup company based in Vancouver Canada, we are very interested in your filament. Could you send me more information regarding it? Best, Jordan YK
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