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  1. Hey all, I'm having a devil of a time trying to calibrate my Ultimaker 3 to print cleanly at 0.2mm. I have had this issue with many different PLA filaments. I want to print at 0.2mm for speed purposes and I am ok with some lines and striations on the prints. However, I would like to avoid blobs and zits and have done a lot of research on retraction and coasting settings. Unfortunately, nothing that I have tried implementing has worked. I was wondering if anyone has had successful prints without blobs on their ultimaker 3. And if so if they had any suggestions on what settings they change
  2. That's beautiful! I forgot to mention it in the first post but I'd prefer to use PLA. But when I use ABS I'll definitely give their's a try.
  3. Hi! I'm looking for a quality USA made filament in black and white that people have had success with on ulitmaker machines. Some of the options I've seen are Push Plastic, Makergeeks, Matterhackers Pro, Proto Paradigm, Coex, and Proto Pasta. I'm looking to place a large order as I will be printing different parts of a set on multiple machines simultaneously and need the filament to be uniform and the same color. The pieces have some parts that require bridging and others with overhangs. I was hoping the community would have some recommendations so I didn't have to trial and error all of the
  4. Yes it was with cura. Wanted to mention that I had checked the filament and it wasn't tangled. I'm using Ultimaker PLA. Do you used that at those settings?
  5. Hi, I've had three prints fail due to filament grinding recently. Is the advice here http://support.3dverkstan.se/article/23-a-visual-ultimaker-troubleshooting-guide#grinding about the UM2 applicable to the UM3 as well? I believe the UM3 has a hex on the top as well. Anyone else had grinding problems? Everything's going fine, then all of a sudden the printer makes a loud distress beeping sound, moves very slowly, seems to get off its rhythm and starts air printing with no filament out of the nozzle. Thanks.
  6. Is there any way to view recordings of what the ultimaker 3 camera has seen. This would be especially helpful to find out why my batch of 6 prints failed from falling over while I was sleeping for two nights in a row! Test runs of a single part printed fine. Everything I've found online just says that it's a "live" camera for monitoring while you do other things on your computer?
  7. I have been. The ultimaker PLA says a range of 195-240 and I've been printing at 195. Do you think I should keep going lower or start messing with the flow % instead? Anyway to prevent the printer from filling in the center last, and instead do an inside out print?
  8. I redid the supports and made them thicker and cura is recognizing them now. Just weird that for some it would slice properly while others it would not. But I guess as you said it's not as reliable. Still have no idea what's happening in my last three models though haha
  9. I've heard as a rule of thumb that 45 degree angle pieces are able to be printed cleanly without any support material. I've searched the forums and found a variety of recommendations that I have mostly implemented, such as lowering the temperature, increasing the fan speed, slowing the print speed down, and making all the print speeds the same so there's no acceleration (should probably mess with flow rate to account for slower speeds as well... but I don't think that's main issue as described later) But I still can't get a clean print as shown below. Note: This piece in this photos uses sma
  10. Thanks Geert neotko and bagel. I've built custom supports. But my issue now is that Cura won't recognize some of them! Among many other issues I'm having with Cura... This is what the file should look like. All of the supports are the same thickness and size. However, when sliced some of the supports disappear. However, since some remain I don't think its a problem with the supports as they are all the same... Any idea why this would occur? With a different, slightly larger support structure the first few layers of the first two support doesn't exist according to the slicer, even thou
  11. Thank you! Good to know about the supports. I've been messing around with creating custom ones in Cad but you saved me a lot of time trying to find just right goldilocks supports that might not exist in Cura! The PVA support is great and I'm using it with higher end materials for the same shapes. I'm a little bit bummed it doesn't print great just on top of Ultimaker PLA and you have to waste all of the expanded PVA though, at least in the tests I've tried.
  12. Thanks so much for putting this together! If I'm trying to do single extruder prints with an UM3 do you recommend the S3D profile or yours? Based on the dates I think its the more recent one. I noticed theirs is set for the right extruder. I assume I'm supposed to move the AA core over to the right extruder slot and completely remove the BB one? Sorry I'm one of those newbs you were trying to save
  13. Hey all, I've got an ultimaker 3 that I've been attempting to print some pieces with Cura that have fairly large open areas that I think need support. I have a few questions regarding this. I love the dissolvable support but am just talking about supports with the same PLA as printed for this post which I'm interested in also printing quality prints in because its cheaper and faster to print. Why do some sides print with the selected support pattern like "lines" shown in the photo below? While other sides of the SAME print I have selected lines on utilize this more solid (but not conce
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