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  1. Than you, but no. Sorry for my late reply.
  2. Ultimaker 3 in original box for sale in Stockholm, Sweden: - Firmware 5.2.8 - Printcores: AA 0.4, BB 0.4 and AA 0.25 - Two buildplates (original, glass) - A couple of replacement silicon rings and other sealings for the extruder - A set of unused original spare fans for the extruder - Upgraded to Ultimaker black axle carriages (the white ones are prone to cracks) - Upgraded to stronger Ultimaker print bed spring assembly - Replaced USB-stick - Everything works as it should We have been running the printer for about 2700 hours, see stats photos attached. Suggest a price! Best /Lamin
  3. Hi, sorry to see that more users have had this issue. And now our studio Ultimaker 3 has developed the same cracks too. The strange thing for us is that our reseller (I do not want to shame them by dropping their name) here in Sweden require us to send the printer 600 km (single way) for repairs in Malmö. But they have an office here in Stockholm, where they refuse to take the printer in for repairs? They also refuses to send or sell us new parts for making the replacement ourselves, telling us that that would woid our guarantee? We have emailed customer support at Ultimaker several times, but they everytime send us back to the reseller, or another reseller that does not even get back to us. Why are we not allowed to repair our own machine, and why should we have to risk the printer being damaged in transport by sending it that far, when the reseller has an office in the same town? Our studio is dependent on our Ultimaker for jobs every week.
  4. I would also recommend Rhino. Steap learning curve, but a very capable piece of CAD software. You can model "everything" and it is also a usefull tool for modifying meshes if you want to change something in for example dowloads from Thingiverse. A lot of plugins, mostly for the Windows version, but the Mac version is catching up. If you like surface modeling and Rhino, you could also go for the even lower priced MOI (Moment of Inspiration). Mac only. Easy to learn, and a fun and capable modeler.
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