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  1. Thank you Torgeir I will keep your input in mind when I clean the pulleys. Listening in person and moving the print head by hand I am convinced both the X and Y axis need to be cleaned. I will report back once I'm done...
  2. Hi LePaul no its not the filament. The sound is coming from the X and Y stepper motors or the pulleys. I'll try cleaning the belts and pulleys. I think I'm going to get a stethoscope to help isolate the noise if it keeps up. I have two UM 2 Extended printers and they both get fed by the same version of Cura but only one has the problem. Thanks for your reply!
  3. I also have an Ultimaker 2 Extended which has started making a horrible grinding noise in both the X and Y directions. I just replace the linear bearings in the head but that didnt fix it. I'm pretty sure nothing is rubbing. It sounds like its coming from both the X and Y stepper motors. Here's a video of the sound. Does anyone have any ideas? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ugs2271ds1rji0u/20180306_103045.mp4?dl=0
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