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  1. Hello people, This will be my first post on the forum! How yall doing? I have tried the XT White for about 1 1/2 spools now and can say it works reasonably okay up till now. UMO without HB Using simple masking tape from Tesa. (man that stuff either prevents warping or bends my acrylic printbed) Layer Height : 0.1 Shell : 1.2 Top/bott : 1.2 fill: 20% Speed 40mm/s Temp 259C I have been playing around with the fan alot. Though I have a custom aluminium coolblock for the intake of filament above the heatbreak that requires constant cooling due to heatcreep. (Usualy between 60 and 100 on the controller) The perimeters bond very well to the point that it is more than suitable to cut threads in. I just can't seem to get the infill to lay a stable layer. I have tried a layerheight of 0.2 mm, which with a few different settings, makes the infill okay. This does however make the perimeter bond poorly. Is 50% infill " sort off" dependable? Best regards, PS Sidenote on the XT White The XT white spools seem te have a variety of quality. In the first spool the filament was slightly bonded to each other (but still workable) The second one was more stuck and has black dust/durt/idunno what rolled up between it, causing clogging. Maybe just an unlucky spool. Anyway I'll have to contact support for that.
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