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  1. Hi Torgeir I think you nailed it! Thank you. I did try a 3rd role of filament and it prints beautiful! I put my other filament in the oven to dry it a bit and will try again once that's done. Appreciate your advice and will try to figure out a better way of storing my filament. Thanks, Robert I guess I just lost a good excuse to buy the Ultimaker S3 :-)
  2. I can't exclude that my filament has absorbed moisture. The filament shown in the picture is Tan Pro Series PLA from Matterhacks and I bought it fairly recently (end of may) and haven't used all that much of the filament. The other filament that I tried is Gizmo Dorks (bought from Amazon). This I've had for a long time and used a lot of without problem. Never the less - let me try a new filament and report back the results. Thanks,
  3. Hi Thanks for commenting on my post. Regarding the missing layer. I first noticed this on a few single layers in the beginning of the print (This is shown in the picture in my first post) It then becomes worse in prints after this with more layers and eventually all layers having insufficient filament. Temperature is set to 210ºC and I don't use any adhesion no my plate when printing PLA. I do though clean the plate with a damp cloth before printing and before the bead heats up. This has worked great for me for many prints. As I see it
  4. I know that there are several threads on under-extrusion that I could attach my problem to but I also don't want to distract from other users problem - how similar their issue might be so pardon me for starting yet another thread on the topic of under-extrusion To begin - I have an Ultimaker 2+ and has had it for a couple of years - printing on and off. Lately I've been printing a lot and almost exclusively used PLA. I've been printing several things and my problem started as few layers experiencing what I consider under-extrusion. I've attached a single picture of this. A fe
  5. I have an Ultimaker 2+ and I've been using it on and off. Over the last couple of weeks I've run into a few instances where the printer just stop in the middle of a print. One time I was next to the printer and in that case the printer stopped and the print bed just started to drop down (like it was completely exhausted) Other times the printer just stopped completely with the printer bed staying lifted and the nozzled "glued" to the cooled down 3D print. I'm pretty sure that the G_code is OK because the last time it happened was a repeat print of a print I did earlier in t
  6. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I ended up reducing the print speed down 20 mm/s and that did help. As geert_2 pointed out - I also did notice a lot of goo's accumulating so I ended up cleaning the nozzle on a regular basis during the print. I guess the next thing to try is a lower print temperature.
  7. I'm using a noozle temperature of 250 and a plate temperature of 85 (eSUN recommend this temperature) and I read somewhere that PETG needs a high bed temperature. I do use glue on the bed but I did not change the speed but used the "default" for CPE material in Cura 4.0. Will try a lower speed.
  8. I have problems when printing with PETG material (I only tried material from eSUN) What happens is that occasionally the printer leaves "holes" in my print (i.e it doesn't dispense material) I'm not sure what can cause this (picture attached) In this particular case: 1) The bed was leveled prior to the print 2) The bed was cleaned prior to the print 3) The eSUN filament is unpacked a couple of days ago (i.e new) 4) Settings similar to Ultimakers CPE material. Anyone has any suggestions? Thanks,
  9. Thanks gr5. I'm a bit confused though. I supposed the first section of your reply suggest that USB which served the computing community for a couple of decades suddenly has become unreliable when used with UM2+? In my case - I'm not talking about failure after some hours but "unexpected" behaviour right away. With respect to the 2nd half - I have not found where I can set reprap mode. Appreciate any guidance. That said - if a mode or function in Cura is either not supported or in early beta-state (perhaps even alpha) - shouldn't this be highlighted to the user when selecting this function ?
  10. Hello I've had an Ultimaker 2+ for a some month. So far I've used an SD Card to transfer STL files and print from this but I recently hooked the printer up via a USB cable thinking this would be easier. Cura 2.3.1 immediately recognized the printer and offered an "Print via USB" option. However - when I selected this option with a design - here is what happened. My printer started immediately attempting to print. It ignored that the temperature of the print-bed and the nozzle were not even close to the temperature set my material settings. Needless to say that printing something without t
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