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  1. I stopped the print when it came of the bed, so this blob is actually a fantasy :)There was abs+acetone slurry, but maybe it was to thin ? What kind of glue stick should I use ? - paper glue or hairspray - any hairspray would work? i just checked again the picture of the heater block.. yeah ! it's some pla residue, which helps maintain temperature by raising heat capacity ..
  2. Hi All, since it's my first post, I'd like to say hello ! I'm Mark from Poland, and I printed some PLA, with success. When I started my endeavour with ABS.. everything goes wrong. here's the link to few pictures of my last print: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9Y6wfbUq_f9RlZ0UERqMVAzZVE it's red abs (obviously), nozzle:250 deg, bed:90 deg, 3mm brim, fan speed: 50 (out of 255), acetone+abs on the bed/table to adhere. Would You be kind enough to give me some suggestions ? Is my first layer ok ? or should it be more squished ? Thanks in advance!
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