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  1. So I just bought the Ultimaker 3. While  the prints came out great, I noticed some quality control issues mainly the over tightening of the nuts / bolts causing the aluminium cladding to deform. The nut is 2-3mm crushed into the panel.




    This is what my first print out of the box looks like:


    This is Benchy after running through x/y calibration and bed leveling:


    I got my UM3 at Dynamism and they were quick to respond to my issue. They forwarded me to FBRC8 to have the defect verified. Fbrc8 claims that my unit is within normal parameters.

    Am I crazy to say that my unit is defective? I expected higher craftmanship from Ultimaker and within this price range. Overall I am not happy with the crushed slot / aluminium. What do you guys think?

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