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  1. So right now I'm looking at base settings without really making any significant changes. If I load a file (a small hinge for example) for testing, I get two completely different results from using ultigcode flavor loaded to an SD card and reprap settings file loaded through octoprint. Printing through SD card I get the normal expected (good) results. Now through the reprap settings, The only thing I changed was making sure the material data matched that of the filament and what's normally used on the printer itself, and slowed the print down. What I'm getting is thin lines/layers. Outer shell sometimes not touching, also along with the infill not making contact with either the shell also or to other infill lines. I've included a screenshot of the settings. Also note, I use the default Reprap GCode that's added to the machine profile. I like having remote control of what I'm printing, so would like to use Octoprint...but not at the cost of loosing quality. I've tried many...many variation of settings to control extrusion, but results are always the same. I'll even hear the feeder click as it fails to extrude that fast, which I won't hear if I use direct printing ultigcode version. Any clues of what else I can fiddle with would be great. Thanks
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