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  1. HI, And thanks for the replies much appreciated. I already regularly lubricate the 6 guide rods so i dont think this is the issue as moving the head is very easy with little effort. I have tightened the pulley wheel belt set screws for the y-axis - connected to the stepper motor on the left hand side of the ultimaker at the back of the machine (when looking from the front)? I noticed that when i tightened the set screw on the belt pulley wheel on the stepper motor itself, it then become very difficult to move the head in the y-axis direction. Does this suggest a pa
  2. Hi, We have an ultimaker 2+ printer that is having print issues related to the print layers shifting during the print in one axis only (see attached pictures). The layers are shifting toward the front of the ultimaker but sometimes they shift back and forth (see pictures). This issue is also not consistent - sometimes it will print a model correctly;y. The models print correctly on our other printer (Lulzbot Taz 6) but we would prefer to print on the Ultimaker for certain print jobs. What could be causing this? Firmware? the guide rails are regularly lubricated.
  3. Update. I have had a closer look at the machine while it has been printing hoping to “catch” it when moves to a different position and I have found that it is not to do with the XY axis – the issue seems to be stemming from the Z-axis; what seems to be happening is that it initially prints a few layers (10 – 15) correctly then the nozzle starts hitting the object being printed (very similar to when an object starts lifting off the bed due to lack of adhesion, although this is not the case) then all subsequent layers get hit harder and harder until it forces one of the XY stepper m
  4. Hi, Our Ultimaker 2+ seems to be having Y-axis stability issues (see attached images). Initially I thought it was the print moving on the bed but that is not the case and the bed plate itself and glass seems secure so I thought it might have been loose drive belts or pullies but these all look pretty tight to me. Any ideas. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers.
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