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  1. I have now ordered a replacement "top panel" for the printer and will report again. Thank you (and for the reader, see you soon)
  2. Dear Community, I have been using 3D printers since 2012 and my Ultimaker 2+ since 2016. Recently due to unfortunate circumstances, the printer fell on the ground from 1m height, the glass plate shattered and was replaced. I reassembled the gantry and luckily it still worked fine after calibrating the build plate, or so I thought. I now printed objects that fill the entire build plate and noticed that circles aren't perfectly round, rather oval. Googling came to the conclusion that the frame was indeed bent, I can measure squares being 88.7° instead of 90°. T
  3. Hi guys, so i started printing as usual, the plan was to resume the print after 7 hours with a different material as i used to do: Pause it, select Change material etc. Now this time after the 7 hours, i went throught that process again. When the Printer threw the old material out, i selected PLA as i always do (cause i print with PLA). Then though, it said: Heating printhead for material Insertion. then after some time, the "heating" changed into a "cooling" and then swapped between the two every second or so. Now i couldnt even resume the print as the material was already ejected. I had
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