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  1. I'm printing on a UM3 using original CPE light grey filament using default fast (0.2mm) settings. This is a section of 30mm tall wall in a box with 2mm wide walls. 3/4 walls are almost perfect (just 2-3 holes), while the one in the picture is pretty bad. What causes these holes, and what settings should I change to fix this? The filament was purchased less than 30 days ago from an authorized reseller.
  2. Hi, I'd like to always have the printer preheated and ready to go. Is there a place in the settings I can adjust, so that the printer never cools down? I don't like having to wait so long for the printer to get ready. I don't mind the extra power costs associated. Thanks
  3. Hmm, why do you think so? I have a BB 0.4 mm core in position 1, and a AA 0.4 mm in position 2. Edit: Oh, I see. I didn't actually have any filament inserted into position 1 (the BB core), but I had it set to PLA instead of PVA. Once I swiched it to PVA, the other profiles showed up. Thanks
  4. Hi, I see screenshots online with Cura having several protected profiles available, but in my settings I only have the 'normal' profile. Where can I download the others? Thanks
  5. Version 1.0


    ABS Benchy on Ultimaker 3
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