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  1. On my newest machine, i am seeing that my belt is wearing away at the stepper wire, i have attached an image. I am worried that this will make a serious issue in the future and if anyone has help or a solution to this. I purchased this machine ust 4 weeks ago. Thank you in advance
  2. Today i ran into a problem that took FOREVERR!!!! My PVA filament got stuck in my drive gear While attempting to reverse the filament out of the extruder, it wasnt coming out. When the gear was finished reversing, My machine then asked me to load the new filament, all while the filament was still stuck in the extruder and drive gear. so i had to turn my machine off and on. HORRIBLE FOR IT!!!! There was no way to exit or cancel and home the head just like how my UM2+ have. Does anyone else run into this problem? is this a firmware issue??? Love my Ultimaker machines I have 4 of t
  3. yes this works just fine! Be sure to remember height difference.
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