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  1. Hey, I've been using 4.0 since it was released but this morning when i tried to open it i get the error in the screenshot. Once i close the error, cura also closes. I believe there were some microsoft updates rolled out on our work PCs over the weekend, so this may have something to do with it? Also 3.6 works fine. Thanks
  2. I've noticed with the latest version of cura it now shows profiles for 0.3 and 0.4 layer heights, although they are both grayed out. I've tried all sorts of material and nozzle size configuration with no luck. Anyone know how to activate these?
  3. Hi, Is there any option to add an offset to the 'bottom shell' only of a model? Im stacking multiple prints on top of each other and want a bit of clearance between them to adjust of the print tolerance. Kind of like the horizontal expansion option. Thanks
  4. Any luck with this? Im having this issue at the moment.
  5. Have you turned off "Enable prime blob". Looks like i can see the shadow of where it would be in the bottom left corner.
  6. Try turning on "Enable support interface" and reducing "Support Z distance". I had the same issue as you and this seems to help a lot
  7. Some of the lines of my infill are looking a bit sad, like its under extruding. Infill settings default for 20% density.
  8. Thanks, ill try lifting it as it was sitting on the glass bed. The support z distance is 0.3mm
  9. The print above the support has sunken in to itself and has a bad finish. I used support interface to try and improve surface finish quality. Is this just what i can expect from support of a curved surface? All other setting are set to default.
  10. I can see the live webcam in the app, although when i try to connect it says it cannot find the printer. Latest firmware/cura/app.
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