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  1. I just started having an issue where a new print doesn't advance the filament and I have to "change filament", they reload after a print. I can run a good print and it finishes fine.. Machine cools down normally.. I then go to load a new print with same filament and the motor just grinds a grove. I have pull the filament out and cut off the portion with the grove and reload.. Then the print goes fine. I was thinking that the head doesn't heat up to temp and the motor just pushes the filament into a hot end that is not hot enough.. If I reload filament, print is great.. when I pull out the
  2. no.. the grinding is the belt trying to drive the head past front and center. not the feeder.
  3. Firmware was updated a while back, but think the grinding started a lot after I did the upgrade. Update was done through Cura connected through USB to the Ultimaker. Grinding happens when I change filament or start of a print. It does it when the print head is moved to front and center. I have honed the axes many times. Once print starts, everything works find and no grinding. I do have a recent update and have to admit, I didn't look for the grinding, but it didn't happen on the first print that is still running. I replaced the heater cartridge and hot end pack. Somewhere along the way
  4. I thought I posted this, but could not find it.. so posting again. We have an Ultimaker 2 which was working fine. Recently, it started grinding when starting a print. The print head comes to the front (and center) and starts grinding like it has lost its homing. The end stops are in the back, so I don't see how it knows when to stop. I have homed the head and tried different settings, but can't get it right. Not quite sure what triggered this to start, but nothing has really changed on the printer. The grinding is the stepper motor trying to push the head past the front of the Ultimaker
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