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  1. Thanks for the updates Jeremy. I wonder if the print temp was too high on the Ultimaker, Electrifi lists an increase in resistivity as the print temperature increases. They claim around 0.04ohm-cm at 150C and 0.045ohm-cm at 180C. I'm not sure how accurate the latter value is. Id be worried about oxidation at >150C, I wonder what other people think. I'm going to give the Electrifi a shot on a lulzbot mini in the near future.
  2. Id be interested in the results, they post really low resistivity on their website.
  3. It comes in 1.75mm and 2.85mm. Which size did you purchase?
  4. For those who have printed successfully with TPU95A using the UM3, would you mind sharing your settings? Others have suggested using the UM2 settings found on the site but I am having trouble with fine structures.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I will give it a shot. In a previous thread (https://ultimaker.com/en/community/33393-tpu-95a-filament-under-extursion) someone recommended using a lower fan speed for the UM3. Im not sure what model the OP had but I'll try a lower fan speed at first.
  6. Hey everyone, just got an Ultimaker 3 and am loving it. I would like to use a flexible filament for a project and was wondering if anybody has printed with Ultimaker TPU 95a on the Ultimaker 3? Ive been digging around the forums and couldn't find a clear consensus. I definitely do not want to damage my new baby. If time wasn't a factor, I would wait for the cura profile to be released. I was thinking about altering the recommended settings for the ultimaker 2. If anybody has used TPU 95a or any other flexible/semi-flexible filament on the Ultimaker 3 please get in touch with me. Thanks aga
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