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  1. I wanted to give yall a heads up about a kickstarter I am working on to provide the 3D printing community with lower cost PEEK filament https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ggalisky/cheap-peek Let me know if you have any questions, Grayson
  2. DIY Filament Review for PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) Source of pellets: https://www.filastruder.com/collections … al-pellets Note, I emailed elmoret(Tim) and he was able to order these pellets very quickly(<1 week). Thank you Tim! Pre Drying instructions: I used a toaster oven at 150C for 4 hours -see figure 1. Not sure if this was overkill, but it worked and the filament was dry enough to print with. After the pellets were dried I let them cool down, put them in a ziploc back, and loaded them into my hopper 3 days later. https://imgur.com/qLb5O2I Figure 1: Pellets in oven ht
  3. I was selected first place winner for the 2017 Stratasys Extreme Redesign Competition! http://www.stratasys.com/en/extreme-redesign
  4. For now, the project is pretty much done. It was my senior year engineering project during high school (I graduate this Thursday!). Maybe in college, I can find some more support and develop the project further to give the fingers more degrees of freedom.
  5. My project is a 3D printed biomimetic robotic prosthetic hand. It is comprised of 3D printed bones, ligaments, tendon sheaths, and supporting structures like the palm and servo tower mounting pieces. In addition, I take advantage of both rigid and flexible materials in my design. The bones and mounting hardware are made of ABS, and the ligaments and tendon sheaths are made from Taulman 3D’s PCTPE filament. The tendons for my hand are made of spectra deep sea fishing line. I have been working on the hardware for this project for 10 months now, and it's comprised of 54 different stl files - 20 b
  6. I have owned my UM2 for almost 3 years now, and I have been using cura version 15.xxx I recently tried the 2.xxx version and the performance is pretty horrible. Mulitple parts take forever to load, and then after loading them you can barley move them around. You can only rotate or move parts but you cant do them both like in 15.xxx. The multiply tool is gone. The intial layer width is gone. Things are so increibly laggy. I have a computer the a gtx 1080, and i5 and 16gb of ram, so my hard ware isnt the issue. Overall I am very disapointed with the new version of Cura.
  7. When I go to set the z height for my nozzle with the bed leveling procedures, the nozzle always starts too high. In order to correct for that I have to take out the build plate and set the z height lower than the bed location in order to compensate for what seems like a Z offset. Is there a place in the firmware I can change this? I also have a mod on my bed which is a sheet of PEI double side taped on the build plate to help with ABS adhesion, but that shouldn't be causing an issue. This was not an issue previous to the new firmware update, and I have ran through the calibrations about 20 ti
  8. The whole point of the E3D upgrade kit has nothing to do with easy nozzle swapping. I 100% agree that if you are upgrading for the sake of nozzle swapping ease, then by all means get an Olsson block. @ultiarjan I used an E3D for about 10 months previous to getting my UM2. I never had problems with PLA. Maybe you just got a defective unit? Also, if you still have that v6 for free yes I am interested please PM me, I will pay for shipping. The point of an E3D upgrade kit is to be able to use higher temp materials (380C), gain access to E3D's volcano system (pretty big deal for fast large print
  9. I recently had the chance to upgrade my Ultimaker 2 to an E3D version that replaced the stock hotend and extruder with the E3D v6 all metal hotend and the Titan geared extruder. The installation was very straight forward, but it did take a couple of hours and some patience. I found Thomas Sanladerer’s guide and the E3D wiki to be very helpful while installing the upgrades. In addition, I also made a tutorial video on how to install the upgrade kit. (Links Below) Link to Tom’s tutorial: Link to E3D wiki: http://wiki.e3d-online.com/wiki/E3D-v6_on_Ultimaker_2 I also made a how to video
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