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  1. Nico1102

    PLA Warping

    Danke, die Temperatur von 70 auf 50 Grad zu verringern hat das Problem behoben. Ausserdem druck ich PLA nun mit 195, statt 210 Grad
  2. Nico1102

    PLA Warping

    Hay guys, im new to 3D Printing & im getting some Problems now.. (And also: Dont hate me for my english, it isn't that good, im german ) The Problem is Warping, big PLA Prints are warping like crazy & I dont know what to do, to stop it. Currently i only have a Metal print surface, (no Printsurface, direct on the metal bed), nothing sticks at it, so i have to use hairspray & 70 Degrees Heatbed Temperatur, could this be the issue? Print Settings for PLA: 210 Degrees Hotend 70 Degrees Hotbed 100% Flow Print Settings for ABS: 240 Degrees Hotend 115 Degrees Hotbed 101% Flow (Abs prints just fine, okay, larger prints also warp, but i think thats because i dont have an enclose build chamber) What should i change? Is the Heatbed just to hot for PLA?, or should i change the Hotend temperature?
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