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  1. I have the ultimaker 2 and needed to replace the bed due to a temp sensor error. I got the hb212 bed replacement. Are there instructions for it's replacement anywhere? Seems a bit different to the current one I have.
  2. Got up to an hour with not error. I touched the braided cable and lifted it slightly and then got the ER02 error.
  3. Hi Torgeir! Thanks for the response. The type of printer I have is an Ultimaker 2 Extended. So not sure if I have the green coloured screw terminal you mentioned. Couldn't seem to find it. Also, I do believe that I have the PT100 thermistors. I did check the connections, both at the PCB side and at the heated bed so far, to see if they were loose. Today, I turned on the machine and I didn't get an error immediately. With TMP03 and TMP01 switched, I did not get an error, even after about 5 mins. I swapped them back and did not get an error immediately, but after about 6 mins I got the ER02 error. I loosened the screws at the heat bed sensor location, maybe I over tightened it when I was checking for that problem. Now its up to over 45 mins with no error. Should I attempt heating the bed again?
  4. I'm getting that error with the bed sensor that a lot of people seem to have. I have tried swapping with the TEMP1 sensor and the error switched to ER01, so guessing there is a problem with the sensor itself. What are my options now for fixing this? I have a replacement temp sensor already as well. Thanks for your help anyone.
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