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  1. Thank you!! The pulleys attached next to the motors were positioned wrong (backwards). This solved my problem. Thx!!
  2. Yeah I did that right after the error occured. Everything is tight, all 6 pulleys and the belts...
  3. The problem is: The model is a circle, as you can see every round the printer prints is located on a different position. Circles are not being closed and every new line is located not where it should. This does not affect only circles. Also rectangles are not finished, it seems like the print-head does not know where it is located, even while the sensors are working. In other posts it was described that the pulleys would not be be tightened enough, whenever the print head prints on the wrong position. But my pulleys are tightened...
  4. Okay I will try to perform a reset asap. Here are two videos: Vid1 Vid2
  5. Hey guys, so I recently bought my third Ultimaker, now the Ultimaker Original Plus. Right after the assembly (everything is working properly (sensors, motors,...) I updated the firmware with the newest Cura. Whenever I try to print the printer won't start on the position that I choose. It starts basically always in the top right corner. But also the print-head seams to do whatever it wants. The lines won't connect, circles are no circles, and the position of a new line is always somewhere else then it should be - or where it was before. I read a lot of entries regarding similar issues, bu
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