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  1. Neotko and SandervG thank you for your help. This morning I re-calibrated and the prints are much better. I really appreciate the help
  2. Does quality of the PLA make a difference. I just loaded some ColorFabb and the print looks solid. Think this might be coincidence or PLA quality does make a difference?
  3. I have a UM2 and am printing with Matterhackers 3mm PLA. My first layer seems to be consistently off. I have tried to re-calibrate the print bed and there is a little effect but not a big difference. My concern is that I seem to get 'pillowing' or what I assume to be some sort of pillowing at the top but seems to be pervasive throught the layers of the print. Being new to 3D printing, I am happy to post whatever information would be helpful in sorting this out. Thanks in advance for helping, I do appreciate it. David
  4. Thank you gr5 for the response. I will try that once this print finishes.
  5. I am new to Cura and when I tried my first print the print head just started to print in the air. I am using the most current version and use an iMac with my UM2. What can I do to use Cura to print? Currently have to use MatterControl
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