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  1. Hi, I have problems with a 4k Monitor and WIN10. The Icons and all the rest are very small and therfore I have to use the text zoom of windows. But as soon I use this some text of Cura are not readable anymore or button doesn't react only if you goes with your mouse below the item you want to select. Is there any thing what i can do against this? Thanks alot in advance for your help. Manfred
  2. Hi, thanks for your feedback. Let's wait for the next release and see what will happen. In the moment the automatical Z Offset before printing doesn't work also after a manual bed leveling. I can print perfect results without it so i decided to switch it off. One more question / feedback. I like the menu and how it works of the ultimaker3, but I always turn the wheel in the wrong direction that the bar in the menu is not moving in the direction I expect. Would it be possible to insert a option in the menu which inverts the direction of the menu wheel so everybody can decide which is the best for him. Thanks alot. best regards Ultimak3r
  3. Hi Marco_TvM, after i did the manual bed leveling i want to print soething and ofcourse the printer did the automalical Z offset again and it fail again. First the test with printcoare 2 looked okay but with printcore 1 it moved to the left backwrads corner and the print bed pushed the nozzel into the head and stopped. At the display was something like the difference between printcore 1 and 2 is to high. ER22. I switched of the automatical leveling and without that function i could print. But the problem is not really fixed. Any idea what it can be or which part i have to change? Here the file which you asked for. [{"active_material": {"GUID": "60636bb4-518f-42e7-8237-fe77b194ebe0", "guid": "60636bb4-518f-42e7-8237-fe77b194ebe0", "length_remaining": -1.0}, "feeder": {"acceleration": 3000.0, "jerk": 5.0, "max_speed": 45.0}, "hotend": {"id": "AA 0.4", "offset": {"state": "valid", "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0}, "serial": "30647c130000", "statistics": {"last_material_guid": "60636bb4-518f-42e7-8237-fe77b194ebe0", "material_extruded": 128780, "max_temperature_exposed": 236, "time_spent_hot": 1056720}, "temperature": {"current": 24.5, "target": 0.0}}}, {"active_material": {"GUID": "506c9f0d-e3aa-4bd4-b2d2-23e2425b1aa9", "guid": "506c9f0d-e3aa-4bd4-b2d2-23e2425b1aa9", "length_remaining": -1.0}, "feeder": {"acceleration": 3000.0, "jerk": 5.0, "max_speed": 45.0}, "hotend": {"id": "AA 0.4", "offset": {"state": "invalid", "x": 18.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0}, "serial": "850573140000", "statistics": {"last_material_guid": "506c9f0d-e3aa-4bd4-b2d2-23e2425b1aa9", "material_extruded": 352240, "max_temperature_exposed": 276, "time_spent_hot": 1886520}, "temperature": {"current": 24.4, "target": 0.0}}}] best regards Manfred Please let me know if you need more informations for anylising that issue. BTW till friday i'm on a buisness trip and i will not have access to the printer.
  4. Hello MArco_TvM, thanks for your quick responce. Of course i checked / did everything which is discribed on webpage ER22 but still the same the automatic leveling fails and the manual Z Offset doesn't work. https://we.tl/YbBUoS89iz Here you can download the log files if something is missing if i should check something or what ever let me know. Thanks alot for your help in advance. best regards Manfred
  5. Hallo, mein Ultimaker 3, gerade mal 7 Monate alt, macht zicken. Je nach Einstellung führt er vor dem Druck die Kalibrierung des Z Offset aus und gestern war es mal wieder soweit. Leider hat er sich beschwerd das die Differenz zwischen PrintCore 1 und 2 zu groß wäre. Also alles überprüft düsen gereinigt. Ohne Erfolg. Nach einigen Druckversuchen und jedes mal neuem automatischen leveln, welches jedes Mal fehl geschlagen ist. Hatte ich einen Factory Reset durchgeführt. Jetzt mäöchte er gerne kalibrieren. Er fährt die Platte hoch und drückt sie gegen den Druckkopf viel stärker/länger als sonst, bricht dann ab fährt runter und startet von neuem, der Druckkopf bleibt aber an der selben Stelle. Dies macht er ein Paar Mal und bricht dann komplett ab. Im Display steht dann Active leveling correction failed ........ER22. Beim Manuellen Z Offset kann man ihn zwar auswählen. Im Display erscheint We will calibrate the Z offset with the calibration card. Der Kopf fährt in die rechte hintere Ecke und das wars, im display springt er dann wieder zurück auf Calibrate Z Offset. Hat das mit der Firmware zutun? Aktueller Stand Hardware defekt Shunt Widerstand ? DAnke für eure Hilfe im Voraus. MfG Manfred
  6. Deinstalling of cura 2.3.1, manual deleting of the folder C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\cura and installing of CURA 2.3.1 solved the problem. I guess there should be a popup during the deinstall if you want delete everything or if you want to keep your settings.
  7. Hi, I wanted to try the cura 2.4.0 beta version, after I installed the version I realized that some of the values in the custom profile are not changeable anymore or they have the value NNA..... something. So I decided to go back to 2.3.1 and now i can't change the profile at all anymore. A new installation of cura could't slove the problem. In the moment I let the cura program run on a second PC and there the 2.3.1 works correctly again. What registry entries, files and folders I have to delete that I can install the 2.3.1 Version on my PC, like the programm was never installed on that maschine. Thanks alot for your help in advance. best regards Ultimak3r
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