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  1. I changed my mind, I don't really want to ship but I will, every single check I have gotten has been bad, NSF, stolen or fake, same with money orders, so if you want me to ship I will not ship till the payment fully clears my bank which could take 10 to 12 working days.
  2. Still for sale I am reasonability sure the other offer is from a fake check scammer.
  3. If you mean Hayden island Oregon I will deliever it to you but I do not except checks, money orders or Paypal, every check or money order I have gotten has been fraud, fake or stolen
  4. I don't really want to ship this but I do have a large wood crate it will fit in. Only selling because I picked up a new contract and I need a bigger printer. SHIPPING is by approval and agreement from both parties. Things change I am going to cover the first 150 of shipping, on this item (US shipping only please) or Local pickup in Oregon and I'll knock 150 off the price. Ultimaker S5 with Top, Extra Nozzles, Filament and Print Dry SystemI need a BIGGER Printer, so I am selling my Ultimaker S5 It has 5 nozzles 2x AA .041x AA .081x AA .0251x BB .04 Upgraded to Capricorn tubing19 Assorted Part Rolls of Ultimaker Filament PLA, PVA, TPU and ABS1 Roll of MaterHackers Pink PLA (not shown)1 Print Dry System2x Ultimaker Glass Build PlatesCustom Enclosed top with Filter Prints ABS like a dreamI won’t trade for Toilet paper CASH ONLY!I am willing to meet at the local Police Station for the actual payment if it makes you feet better. 100% Feedback on ebay member for over 20 years
  5. I love my S5 but I just picked up a contract worth ~3400 in the first phase and could be 10x that amount over the next year, the downside is the parts won’t fit on my S5, I am considering a Craftbot Flow IDEX XL, anyone have any first hand experiences with the flow specifically or Craftbot in general
  6. If you send me your address and you are in the USA I'll just mail you that one, not like I need it, if you want to print it on a S5 here is my suggestions all default for my S5 with Um PLA on 4.4.1 of Cura if you want a better version see below I did not open your project I imported your models .025 Nozzle Adhesion off Layer .1 Printing temp initial layer I would drop down to 185 Printing temp I would drop to 188 Bed temp of 52 (No higher) (Use glue stick if you have to) Top layers I would bump up you can see them a tiny bit in the model
  7. I printed one bone stock if I took the time to dial the settings it would be better or even printed it on my .25 (next time I'll turn off brim)
  8. I am trying to print one now.
  9. Check out this video of some very bad filament I got once Its my video on my channel so I have permission to repost it.
  10. I ran into that issue with PVA that I ran through the filament dryer from Matterhackers, I ended up tossing it away it was TOO dry kept breaking in the feed tube
  11. I picked up a Pro-bono print job he wants 100 fidget spinners at fifty-two grams of filament each. Personally, I use only UM filament in my S5 but this client just cannot afford that cost, I am already donating my labor and print time, he would like me to use Matter Hackers Build series filament, I understand why but it is my printer. UM filament is 49.99 for 750G so .0666 a gram (let’s call it 7 cents) $3.64 each MH filament is 19.99 for 1000G so .019 a gram (let’s call it 2 cents) $1.04 each Has anyone used MHBS in a UM3 or S5, I am making zero profit on this job it is for a give-a-way at a local school, while I am nice (some of the time) I don't want to trash my printer, if I got back and tell him know on the MHBS I am sure he will walk.
  12. I can start and monitor prints from my home network but now I want to poke a hole in my firewall so I can start prints remotely, anyone know what port or range or ports S5 uses for My cloud. I'll toss it on my DMZ if I have to just as a test.
  13. I'll toss it on my S5 when I get home tonight, the file looks easy to print
  14. Have you considered buying a replacement Shell from UM or EB and gluing it together? a quick search I see the Um2 and UM2 clone shells for under 200 bucks including shipping.
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