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  1. S5 vs S3 Vs 3 Okay I sold my S5 because I needed a larger printer for a major contract, well that contract fell apart, due to current issues, so I need a new printer again. I loved my S5 do not get me wrong, And Once I get my tax return, I will be replacing my S5. But in the meantime, I need something I little more set and forget then my other printers. I had only one nag about my S5 and that was what I would call tolerance I print a large number of inter-meshing items and to be honest my Taz 6 dose a better job, I adjusted off-sets and elephant foot and temp but never really got it dialed in so the first layers were fused and for 6k I was disappointed I had to futz with it after trying Gyro the Dodo by Virtox, Gyro air and a few different Planetary gear sets I just stop because I needed it to crank out orders, just never got back to it. Even with the .25 it did not work for these items. Oh well it was offset or settings moving on. I am looking at the 4K range and the 30-day time frame. Looking at the S3 or a UM3 I want dual extruder and it would be nice if I could shuffle some of my tighter tolerance parts over to it to free up other printers for bigger items. Giving the criteria above would you do with the S3 or UM3 (maybe even more than one UM3) Maybe the next Ultimaker is due out in my timeframe so I would be open to that also.
  2. I have been talking with Craftbot, I am not getting a warm or fuzzy feeling, been waiting on a quote for shipping for a week, I told them I wanted the Craftbot 3 which is instock because I didn't want to drop 4k on a machine I can find very limited reviews on, the salesman tried to Up-sell me to the Flow, and now a week later still waiting for the shipping quote because IMHO I told him I didn't want to drop 4k on untested/unreviewed... Wish Matterhackers had them in stock, they respond.
  3. Are you sure the Dog STL doesn't have fleas? TIK is correct all kidding aside those are Zits,
  4. While it is true I just sold my S5 I plan on replacing it once this contract is finished, but anyways. I have been trying to get my son hooked into 3d printing and I think he just nibbled, so on the short list for Christmas is a shiny new S3. Correct me if I am wrong but it looks to me to be a scaled down S5 it should have all the same features and print quality can any S3 owners confirm this? Its been a few years maybe an S6 or S7 is coming soon?
  5. Yes that is my asking price, I am 97% Sure it is sold now but will update once it is gone.
  6. Nope it is still for sale I am about 1hr South West of Portland
  7. I am sorry I thought I pulled that ad months ago, I am selling the whole printer instead. so the item is no longer for sale,
  8. The printer works perfectly, I don't know if the warranty can be transferred or even if it is still under warranty, I am only selling it because I currently have 11 other printers, and I just got a new contract that needs a larger build area. I can provide a link to a video of the printer printing as proof it does work
  9. I changed my mind, I don't really want to ship but I will, every single check I have gotten has been bad, NSF, stolen or fake, same with money orders, so if you want me to ship I will not ship till the payment fully clears my bank which could take 10 to 12 working days.
  10. Still for sale I am reasonability sure the other offer is from a fake check scammer.
  11. If you mean Hayden island Oregon I will deliever it to you but I do not except checks, money orders or Paypal, every check or money order I have gotten has been fraud, fake or stolen
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