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  1. Do to issues I won't go into here I find myself with a New Sealed Ultimaker 3 never opened sealed, in Oregon Not sure if I want to sell it or keep it till I need a 16th Printer, figured I would ask here as this forum was always good to me. I don't really want to ship but I can if I have too. looking for a solid offer in US dollars.
  2. HEHEH, Mine does, don't worry I'll take safety measures like I always do. I'll wrap some stripped 14/2 around my leg and ground it to a bathtub full of saltwater, durning a thunderstorm 🙂 I'll always touch the printer with both hands 🙂 I'll never use a grounded or insulated tool 🙂 I rewired my whole house and passed inspection on the first try I think I'll be okay, but think of it this way if I blow up the printer I'll have to get a new one from you 🙂
  3. I ordered a set of Secure Torx I'll hope for the best
  4. Drat I think something happen in shipping, the ethernet port doesn't work the USB and WIFI does. I do like to use ethernet for all of my printers, Anyone happen to know if the ethernet port is attached to the mainboard by a ribbon cable that could have come loose in shipping? I hate to take it apart if it is going to be a major repair.
  5. Not seeing any issues the printer is not here yet but this is a used machine which I would normally not buy but the price was too good to pass up with 190m and 230M of filament usage and saving over a grand off the new price plus it was sold with filament and extra Hot ends. I should have enough capicorn XS to replace the tubes the rest I'll order if/when needed
  6. Okay after a horrid horrid horrid try at using a Craftbot it is going back to the hell that spawned it and S5 #2 is winging its way to me as we speak. It is used with less then five rolls of filament passed through it, so I am not worried but just in case anyone know of a refurb service for S5 or better yet a Maint Kit for the S5 I checked MH and Dy nothing found.
  7. Any input on the MAKERBOT METHOD X it is on major sale right now, to be honest this is one brand of Printer I have never used, seen or know anyone that has one.
  8. Is there any difference between the S5 R1 and the S5 R2? I didn't even know there was an R2 till I saw someone talking about it in a different post. "U" Logo on the side is R2 and Ultimaker logo is R1.
  9. HUmmm I posted the same question on Raise3d forums not a single reply this forums is so more active, puts a few extra points in the S3 side
  10. What bugs me is I glance at my shelf and see four rolls of black Ultimaker filament and think I can get this order out I burn three rolls reach for the fourth and it is Tough PLA not ABS (yes my fault but damm it is annoying)
  11. Yes I have done the 2am Filament change and curssed out the dam thing for not loading only to notice I had grabbed the wrong spool.
  12. This will be my 13th printer I already have both sized not a big deal.
  13. No rush my Printers are all in use on other things right now so I couldn't test anything.
  14. I tried a few different horizontal expansion settings and I also imported a profile from Smithy’s Tried printing at .15 and .2 20% infill Pattern Triangles Zhop enabled speed 30 No Support No Adhesion Infil skin wall and jerk at 30 or lower, I am using -. -.04, and-.05 for my expansion I dropped the extruder 5c I changed the first layer to 100 not 1.05 Line width is has been tried at .35 and .4 Tried, all three of my .4 nozzles Tried my .25 nozzle Imported Smithy’s profile and tried his I only use PLA and Tough
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