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  1. Any input on the MAKERBOT METHOD X it is on major sale right now, to be honest this is one brand of Printer I have never used, seen or know anyone that has one.
  2. Is there any difference between the S5 R1 and the S5 R2? I didn't even know there was an R2 till I saw someone talking about it in a different post. "U" Logo on the side is R2 and Ultimaker logo is R1.
  3. HUmmm I posted the same question on Raise3d forums not a single reply this forums is so more active, puts a few extra points in the S3 side
  4. What bugs me is I glance at my shelf and see four rolls of black Ultimaker filament and think I can get this order out I burn three rolls reach for the fourth and it is Tough PLA not ABS (yes my fault but damm it is annoying)
  5. Yes I have done the 2am Filament change and curssed out the dam thing for not loading only to notice I had grabbed the wrong spool.
  6. This will be my 13th printer I already have both sized not a big deal.
  7. No rush my Printers are all in use on other things right now so I couldn't test anything.
  8. I tried a few different horizontal expansion settings and I also imported a profile from Smithy’s Tried printing at .15 and .2 20% infill Pattern Triangles Zhop enabled speed 30 No Support No Adhesion Infil skin wall and jerk at 30 or lower, I am using -. -.04, and-.05 for my expansion I dropped the extruder 5c I changed the first layer to 100 not 1.05 Line width is has been tried at .35 and .4 Tried, all three of my .4 nozzles Tried my .25 nozzle Imported Smithy’s profile and tried his I only use PLA and Tough
  9. To be honest I tried only three times if I was home I could tell you which settings I tried but 99% of the time my S5 is too busy with actually items that line my pockets to futz with a toy I wanted.
  10. I am thinking S3 or a E2 I purchased a Craftbot 3 for the idex function as I have to print a large number of Identical parts for one of my big clients (don’t even get me started on that POS) that didn’t work out it is going back once I can borrow a truck to haul it down to UPS it won’t fit in my car and the RMA was not configured for pick up but I digress. I need something to print meshing surfaces with tight tolerances and the option for PVA supports. I can’t post designs do to NDA but I can post items with similar interlocking, meshing and tolerances My Taz 6 print
  11. Other then build volume are there any differences between the S3 and the S5? Second question is an S6 due out anytime soon ie before end of the year.
  12. S5 vs S3 Vs 3 Okay I sold my S5 because I needed a larger printer for a major contract, well that contract fell apart, due to current issues, so I need a new printer again. I loved my S5 do not get me wrong, And Once I get my tax return, I will be replacing my S5. But in the meantime, I need something I little more set and forget then my other printers. I had only one nag about my S5 and that was what I would call tolerance I print a large number of inter-meshing items and to be honest my Taz 6 dose a better job, I adjusted off-sets and elephant foot and temp but never really
  13. I have been talking with Craftbot, I am not getting a warm or fuzzy feeling, been waiting on a quote for shipping for a week, I told them I wanted the Craftbot 3 which is instock because I didn't want to drop 4k on a machine I can find very limited reviews on, the salesman tried to Up-sell me to the Flow, and now a week later still waiting for the shipping quote because IMHO I told him I didn't want to drop 4k on untested/unreviewed... Wish Matterhackers had them in stock, they respond.
  14. Are you sure the Dog STL doesn't have fleas? TIK is correct all kidding aside those are Zits,
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