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  1. I am running Negative and the adjustments helped slightly within margin of error if you ask me because the last ten items I tried to print are all fused
  2. ARGH!!!!!!!!! Tried printing at .15 and .2 20% infill Pattern Triangles Zhop enabled speed 30 No Support No Adhesion Infil skin wall and jerk at 30 or lower, I am using -. -.04, and-.05 for my expansion I dropped the extruder 5c I changed the first layer to 100 not 1.05 Line width is has been tried at .35 and .4 Tried, all three of my .4 nozzles Tried my .25 nozzle Imported Smithy’s profile and tried his I only use PLA and Tough PLA and Only Ultimaker branded I used an Exacto knife and thin metal blades to reach between the petals and cubes all I did was cut my fingers All plus ten more fused
  3. Any Chance you would be willing to export your profile and post it so I can take a look
  4. I only use UM filament I think you are running a different version of cura a few of those settings I don't see on 4.3.0 but I am running in expert and looking for them.
  5. Still having issues with items being fuzzed together, I did have a question about Slicing Tolerance= Exclude the only settings I have are exclusive, middle and inclusive, also you suggested a - Horizontal expansion but Cymon suggested a positive one? I have my Infil skin wall and jerk at 30 or lower, I am using -.04 for my expansion and I dropped the extruder 5c I changed the first layer to 100 not 1.05 my line width is has been tried at .35 and .4 Printing at .15 20% infill Pattern Triangles Zhop enabled speed 30 No Support No Adhesion I tried to print Kobayashi Fidget Cube - Fat Hinge in dual color it is hopelessly fused together. I tried to print Fidget cube High Quality hinge by Wultz again fused like Hydrogen in the SUN I am going to drop in my .25 and try again Never Mind I am an Id10T I only applied the settings to one nozzle I am trying it again
  6. I am currently printing a 3 day job I'll post screen shots of my next calibration
  7. When I replace my nozzles it will blather about this configuration is not calibrated, so I run the calibration (see attached) I can move the calibration in .5 increments but .1 would be much closer to what I need.
  8. I know this is going to be a face palm stupid question but can I input numbers smaller then +/- .5 my S5 is off by maybe .1 I only seem to be able to adjust in .5 units
  9. I am upgrading to the Pro this month my S5 has a top that works very well just putting out feelers make me an offer (sorry US shipping only unless there is one hell of a reason) I'll take it apart so I can be sent flat packed and put bubble wrap between the sheets Make me an offer The Top has a fan and a small filter plus and external power supply for the fan. The Front opens for easy access
  10. Anything that is my design I post on Thingiverse, any item I print for a customer I sign an NDR on but I can share the ones I made. Thing 3069317, Thing 3908122 (I am making these for a local business they need 50 of them once I get the cut out correct and add room for all the screws and plus) Thing 3867477 might be useful here. I am not a designer I just dabble in tinkercad. I have made Holders for IR buds for work, Channel to mount ladder rack, Video camera mounts for my bosses house all in tinkercad I hope to use something better soon.
  11. I won't give you my answer instead I'll direct you to someone that has done far more testing Look up on youtube CNC Kitchen
  12. The Source of the burn looks like the Y/Z axis before I would do anything I would find the reason for the burn to start with, well made electrics parts don't short out like that without a reason (most of the time) so just replacing the board could release the magic blue smoke again. Just from the photo looks like a cap blew and maybe one or more of the stepper drivers
  13. My Company does use Ultimaker sure it is only slightly more then a hobby and all profits only goes towards buying me more filament to play with but I do earn money from my printer, I do claim it on my taxes and I am already planning on getting the new S5 upgrades in Oct. (My story so far) I am on my 6th 3d Printer now, its an S5 I plan on updating to the Pro shortly, I got into this as a business by accident. I recently purchased a new home; it was a big fixer upper. When the local window guy came out to replace the windows, I was sitting at the table working on my I3 Mk3 he asked me “what is that” we talked for a few minutes. He asked if I could make something for him, I said I would try, he rummaged in the back of his truck, he pulled out a mangled plastic part, he explained “ This is a window screen clip for aluminum windows, the company no longer exists, if someone needs a clip I have to sell them for 5 bucks each used” I looked at it spent 20 minutes in tinkercad and had a proto-type with great creative license because I had to basically guess what it looked like when it was new and still worked. 800 clips later it’s a business, I make proto-types and engineering samples, I do custom print orders with a few rules, 1. I will not print items downloaded from a website it must be your own item, and if I find the item object able I will not print it (I turned down an order for a very large multipart adult toy “gag gift” this year I made enough for the S5 and most of the pro upgrade cost. All in my spare time
  14. Just incase people wanted to know what I was printing, its a name plate for my new PC build (not finished yet) I am in the process of designing 3d printed covers for the case and shrouds for all of the wiring https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3515856
  15. I have central heat and AC so my room temp only varies by maybe two degrees, this is the same model printed from the same filament, on the same printer I didn't adjust the print cores I just lowered the temp 5 degrees for nozzle and plate
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