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  1. I forgot I even posted this I ended up making it a house warming gift for my Son.
  2. Do to issues I won't go into here I find myself with a New Sealed Ultimaker 3 never opened sealed, in Oregon Not sure if I want to sell it or keep it till I need a 16th Printer, figured I would ask here as this forum was always good to me. I don't really want to ship but I can if I have too. looking for a solid offer in US dollars.
  3. HEHEH, Mine does, don't worry I'll take safety measures like I always do. I'll wrap some stripped 14/2 around my leg and ground it to a bathtub full of saltwater, durning a thunderstorm 🙂 I'll always touch the printer with both hands 🙂 I'll never use a grounded or insulated tool 🙂 I rewired my whole house and passed inspection on the first try I think I'll be okay, but think of it this way if I blow up the printer I'll have to get a new one from you 🙂
  4. I ordered a set of Secure Torx I'll hope for the best
  5. Drat I think something happen in shipping, the ethernet port doesn't work the USB and WIFI does. I do like to use ethernet for all of my printers, Anyone happen to know if the ethernet port is attached to the mainboard by a ribbon cable that could have come loose in shipping? I hate to take it apart if it is going to be a major repair.
  6. Not seeing any issues the printer is not here yet but this is a used machine which I would normally not buy but the price was too good to pass up with 190m and 230M of filament usage and saving over a grand off the new price plus it was sold with filament and extra Hot ends. I should have enough capicorn XS to replace the tubes the rest I'll order if/when needed
  7. Okay after a horrid horrid horrid try at using a Craftbot it is going back to the hell that spawned it and S5 #2 is winging its way to me as we speak. It is used with less then five rolls of filament passed through it, so I am not worried but just in case anyone know of a refurb service for S5 or better yet a Maint Kit for the S5 I checked MH and Dy nothing found.
  8. Any input on the MAKERBOT METHOD X it is on major sale right now, to be honest this is one brand of Printer I have never used, seen or know anyone that has one.
  9. Is there any difference between the S5 R1 and the S5 R2? I didn't even know there was an R2 till I saw someone talking about it in a different post. "U" Logo on the side is R2 and Ultimaker logo is R1.
  10. HUmmm I posted the same question on Raise3d forums not a single reply this forums is so more active, puts a few extra points in the S3 side
  11. What bugs me is I glance at my shelf and see four rolls of black Ultimaker filament and think I can get this order out I burn three rolls reach for the fourth and it is Tough PLA not ABS (yes my fault but damm it is annoying)
  12. Yes I have done the 2am Filament change and curssed out the dam thing for not loading only to notice I had grabbed the wrong spool.
  13. This will be my 13th printer I already have both sized not a big deal.
  14. No rush my Printers are all in use on other things right now so I couldn't test anything.
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