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  1. Only a few settings are material "only" (Bed temperature, standy temp, etc). The rest of them depend on both the material and the quality that you are trying to print at.

    This means that we can't change this.

    As for layer height, this can never be set in a material, as all extruders must have the same layer height.

    Yes, they have, but they may need smaller or bigger outer wall diameter, they may need different speeds which are related to material type. When selecting Normal Quality and my ABS material i get only temps right. Nothing else. So the problem is, that when You use UM materials, its all well, but when material needs some finetuning with speeds, nozzle settings, cooling settings, wall line counts and so on it simply doesnt work. A little '+' button in material options menu would work, letting You add setting You want to material.

  2. Hi,

    Im trying to sort of clean my Cura. Add materials, set settings and save them. But it's a total mess - saveing material doesn't save settings for print speeds, jerk and acceleration. Saving print settings saves them but also saves layer height, and other stuff that I don't want to change evey time I change material. It's confusing.

    Does anyone know if there is something going to change in this subject?

    It would be great if we could save setting in one place like this way: material -> formfutura -> PLA Black -> Layer Height 0,1mm. This way everything would be saved under one file and only thing to do would be to select which material's print bed settings to select when doing two materials printing.


  3. Hi guys,

    I'd like to refresh this topic. I think Im having same problem.

    I made tests and it turns out that printbed vibrates after few centimeters of fast printing. If i take glass plate and heatbed leaving only aluminium plate, it is quite stiff. But if I reattach everything, no matter how high or low i calibrate the bed, it gets more resonating. Vibrations comes from printhead movement in y axis and moves to printbed. Maybe some rubber pads somewhere would help?

  4. Hi there!

    I've been thinking about air filter for my UM3 and have an idea. I already designed magnetic doors so any air leaks will happen at the top of the printer and thats where I'd like to place 2 small (40x40mm) and 2 larger (120x120mm) 12v fans to make air move.

    My question is if there is a place in printers hardware from where I can take some power? Maybe from LED lights? I've read that there are 4 connectors for them but only 2 are being used so another 2 are avalible. Since they are 12V i guess it will work, but what do You guys think? How about NFC plug from spool holder?

  5. There are three possibilities: one, some, or all may apply:


    1. You're not retracting enough. Usually more than 2mm and less than 3mm is enough, but your mileage may vary.

    2. You're traveling too slowly. As the head move from point A to point B, some filament will just naturally ooze out (its hot a gooey afterall). The quicker you get between point (travel speed), the less chance there is it will escape. But at really far distances, it may be unavoidable

    3. You're printing too hot. The filament needs to be very soft to print and lamenate to the previous layer, but if its running like water (or hot honey), no amount of retraction or travel speed will be able to stop it.


    This site helped me a lot in dialing in my retraction amount, travel speed and hot-end temperatures:

    Retraction: Just say "No" to oozing


    1. Well, as I've read and tested in printers using bowden to guide filament from extruder to printcore 4mm of retraction is a point when retraction starts to happen. This happens due to a tension in bowden tube, and retraction of 4mm just lower the tension. In UM machines retraction should have greater values.

    2. I agree that travel move should be fast enough to break oozing material, but in some cases printers use Z-Hop, and travel happens after leaving a blob. If You guys use it, try to turn it off.

    3. I agree as well, good way to set up temperature is to print an object few times while lowering temperature each time about 5 degrees. When underextrusion happens its to cold and you should slowly rise temp. Just when prints start looking good its the correct value (more or less) :)


  6. I admit that travel speed is set to 250, but everything works fine with one-nozzle printig even with more than one element. This also happens to UM PVA material when printing with both nozzles. Its wierd because everything was fine until I updated cura and UM3 to beta softwares. Switching back didn't help :(

  7. So as an update I have to tell, that problem is not solved. Even with Prime Towers enabled printer attaches strings of material to printed object right after nozzle switch. I reduced temperature to prevent material from leaking but it didn't work.

  8. No idea what is causing it, but did you do a clean reinstall of 2.3.1 ?

    I mean clean these settings folders? It may help?

    If you have like custom profiles back them up first .....

    on windows7;



    Thanks, I'll give it a try!

  9. Hi there!

    I have an UM3 for some time, it works well, but after switching to cura 2.4 beta and back to 2.3.1 something wrong started to happen.

    While printing with two materials, when print cores switch and the printhead is near this white switch panel wainting to heat up the printer already starts to extrude material. When the printhead moves toward printed object it already has a string of material attached and it sticks to the printing.

    I suspect some there is an option in Cura responsible for this.

    I don't use prime towers, but this wasn,t a problem earlier as everything worked well.

    Do You guys have any ideas?

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