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  1. If someone can tell me how to upload the file, I can share it.
  2. Well I've gotten it to where SketchUp's Solid Inspector says there are no issues but the problem still persists in Cura.[/media]
  3. Here's another angle And here's a part that isn't affected for comparison So it seems to be the actual file of the part and not Cura that is the problem.
  4. Man, I'm really new to using forums so I'll try my best to up load it. It ight take me a couple of tries.
  5. I'm not sure if the title really explains what I'm trying to say. I have a part that I've been working on, going back and forth between Cura and SketchUp, using Cura to check where the problems are in the piece and then SketchUp to fix the problems. I generally just save stl files over the previous version when exporting, so I'm not really sure if that's corrupting the file along the way. I've got the file to where it shows up in Cura's layer mode perfectly. Finally no holes or missing layers in the layer view mode, however now when i try to view it in solid view, it just shows an outlined shadow (sometimes grey, sometimes yellow) where the piece should be. I know it doesn't really affect the print or anything, it's just really annoying. Any help? Thanks, Jack
  6. Hope this thread is still active. @Dim3nsioneer, is that print speed or travel speed? @gr5, you're totally right about the dropbox issue. Totally sucks.
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