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  1. But the center core in in PLA, and if I print the brim in PVA I'm afraid the main model might detach from the brim in the center? Would I need another build plate temperature for PVA?
  2. I have been printing a couple of these sprockets successfully on the UM3, but when I printed four at a time, I saw extensive curling on the bottom layer of the pva support, probably due to the longer duration of the print (approx. 18h). Does anyone have any tips to get rid of this? I have tried experimenting a bit with the settings, but so far I found that the default temperature settings work best (pva: 210C, PVA: 215C), along with slightly lower speed at 15mm/s for support.
  3. I have leveled the bed manually, and am using the active leveling now and then, but I would still love to be able to change the bed height ever so slightly when I see the bottom layer too squished or not squished enough. I could always recalibrate, but that still leaves some inaccuracies when done by hand. Is there a parameter I can change in software on the printer to add an offset to the z-height after the active leveling?
  4. When I re-enabled support and selected core 1 as the support cores, then disabled support again, it works as intended. Seems that even though cura hides these settings when you disable support, some of them are still used somewhere.
  5. The correct print core was selected as "Platform Adhesion Extruder", but I tried setting the temperature of the second core to 0. It just resulted in the printer hanging after the first layer because the support print core never reaches temperature (I assume). I am running the 2.4 beta - could it be a new bug?
  6. I have successfully printed dual material with support on UM3 using Cura, but when I disable support to only print with the main material, the printer prints the first layer fine, then extrudes a bit of support on the side of the model, then continues printing the rest of the model with the main material. The extruded support sometimes sticks to the tip and ruins the print, so I have to watch the print and remove it by hand before it continues. Is this an intended feature for some reason? Is it a bug in the software, or maybe just a setting that I can disable somewhere? I guess I could remove the support cartridge or somehow disable it, but am looking for the quickest way to do it since I will be switching between single and multi material quite a lot.
  7. I logged in over SSH and found two json files that inherited from jedi.json, where I found the prime_amount parameter. Is that the correct parameter to change if I want it to extrude more in the start?
  8. I'm trying to edit the start g-code on my UM3 to extend the initial extrusion of filament as I often find it isn't enough. I can edit the g-code on custom printers, but can't find a way to do it on the pre-configured UM3, and I don't want to use a custom profile as I'll lose some of the features cura has for the UM3. Are there any place I've missed where I can edit the start g-code for the standard profile UM3 printer?
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