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  1. Hi @CarloK, I am having a similar issue to @Patronus. Two printers updated at the same time now both not levelling. My print head pushes right into the bed. Log files sent via message. Thanks.
  2. UPDATE: Used CURA 2.7.0 and there were no issues at all. Obviously an issue with updates in the new CURA. Will process all the files the old school (2017) way!
  3. Thanks gr5 The overhangs aren't an issue, its the top surface I am having issues with. It is modeled in Rhino and hollowed in Materialise Magics. It needs to be hollow as it will be a shell with an internal structure (190 parts total). I am using PVA on my second extruder (problems there too - but I will work those out). Speed is important because of the number of prints - which is why I went for the .4 LH. While I understand it will print smoother with a smaller LH, I have printed these parts previously with an older version of CURA and did not have any issue. I saved the setting and I am in the middle of using old CURA now to see if I can achieve the same effect as a year ago - fingers crossed. If the problem persists I will try the lower layer height, but I have the feeling it is more to do with the infill of the walls in the new CURA slicing than the height given it has worked previously.
  4. Hi, I am printing a hollow object with a 2mm wall, using Colorfabb PLA/PHA and a 0.8 nozzle. Printing with a 0.4 layer height and PVA support, with a 100%infill. The majority of the wall prints fine, but when it gets to one side there are gaps in the outer wall and the inside wall is blotchy. I've also noticed that the top layer in some areas has gaps between the outer wall and fill. I have printed with a few different settings for wall thickness and top/bottom thickness - but cant seem to resolve the issue. This is not to do with the printer or material feed as I tried it on two seperate UM3E printers. Pictures attached. Any help much appreciated as I am without clue!
  5. Hi guys, I am having a few issues with the finish of my prints when using the dual extruder on the Ultimaker 3 Extended. I have found that a small amount of material is left on the back right of the print as the head moves to change materials, leaving a rough finish which needs to be sanded off. As I will be doing a large amount of printing for this particular project, I would prefer to iron out any issues in the printing stage rather than doing tons of post-processing. I am printing with Rigid.Ink's PLA and PVA, which works great on the main print. I have tried to print a tower to resolve the issue, but the PVA does not seem to want to stick to the PLA layer, leaving me with large strings of both filaments when the tower begins to fail. I get the same rough finish when printing without a tower in two PLA's. Please see images for detail. I am printing at: AA & BB 0.8 print cores at 0.4 mm layer height. PLA: Temp - 200, Speed - 35mm/s, Fan - 100%, Retraction - 7mm PVA: Temp - 220, Speed - 25 mm/s, Fan - 100%, Retraction - 7mm Bed: 60 Thanks in advance! Erin
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