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  1. Hi, I am not having much success solving a problem I am having when printing with the UM3. The printer stopped extruding early in a print, during the first or second layer, please see attached images. The images of the PETG prints were taken on a piece of paper as they were not visible on the glass. The issue first started when I was printing with PETG, see Images 1A&1B, after cleaning the print core and manually feeding filament through the nozzle I tried again to print PETG, same issue, see Image 2. After cleaning the nozzle and the feeder I decided to try PLA, once again thi
  2. Hi All, Is this in the right topic? I have been trying my hand at 3D printing over the last few years and have spent most the time modifying my RepRap printer, Marlin and the slicer to get acceptable quality prints only achieving success seldomly. Over the Christmas break I spent a full week tampering with my old unfaithful 3D printer and decided that time had come for me to buy a printer that would work straight out of the box. Having read and viewed most reviews on the £2K to £5K 3D printers I called 3DGBIRE in the UK. After listening to the pre-recorded messages, I got through to Shaun Pu
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