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  1. I know I can still print with PETG by entering the correct settings in Cura. But I want to be able to either upload material settings or be able to set values manually at the printer. And I think this is not much to ask considering that the UM2 allowed this.
  2. I am currently testing different printing materials to find out the advantages and disadvantages. While it is relatively easy to use third party materials like PLA or ABS, there are no presets in the firmware for PET-G for example. I can add this to Cura and set necessary settings there, but I can't export them to the printer. The main problem is that when I want to load "unknown" materials the printer does not allow me to enter custom values for temperature etc. It seems the UM2 firmware allowed custom material profiles and also importing and exporting for manual editing. Will this be added later or is there a workaround?
  3. I have connected my new UM3 via LAN (also tried Wifi) to Cura. This works nicely, but every time I restart Cura I have to reenter the IP-Address and accept the authorization request on the printer again. This is quite annoying, because the printer is not in my office. Is there some setting I missed or is this a bug in Cura?
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