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  1. Hi Amagro How to exclude the gcode script for nozzle change for the Ultimaker 3 from third-party printers? I am willing to try this method may be able to solve my problems. Please guide me.
  2. Hi Kmanstudios The "origin" means the coordinate (X0,Y0). I used Cura3.2.1 to test, in the dual nozzle printing, there will still be three blue lines trace back to the origin of X0Y0. This does not seem plausible in layering... But if it is a single nozzle print, there will only be a beginning blue track, which is normal print.
  3. Hi All There is a problem that bothers me. When Cura3.1(3.0.4 also...) two-color printing, the many path will trace back to the origin. But Cura2.3 does not.... As long as the print back to the origin, and then went to the print coordinates, the nozzle will be offset, so I can not understand why two-color printing process, the print track will return to the origin? How to solve this problem? Plz help me, Thanks.
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