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  1. Hi All What is the mean of exclamation point into Setting Visibility (Cura2.3.0) ? I would like to add an exclamation point option to the right of the print settings, but not I can't add it when exclamation point into Setting Visibility, Plz, help me. Thanks!
  2. Hi DidierKlein Thanks for your reply. But I want to 1st extruder as support extruder and 2nd extruder as model extruder. On my screenshot setting, I try to print it. But support and model both print with 1st extruder.
  3. Hi All I would to print model by T1 and print support by T0 . Now I can print model & support by T0, but I can't print model by T1 and print support by T0 . Plz help me. Thanks!
  4. Hi All I would to include my 3rd party printer into the Cura software. ---------------------------------------------------------- Ulitmaker customer service say: To include your 3rd party printer into the Cura software, please follow these steps: Create a machine profile, which can be loaded instantly in Cura. An introduction on how to do this can be found here: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20511-change-machine-settings Go to https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura and ‘fork’ the directory. In your personal fork directory, go to: Cura/resources/definitions. Drop the machine pro
  5. I have a question, plz help me. Q.How to exchange the daul extruder's setting by GCode? I would like to use the T0 to print support, and T1 to print product,there is no way to set the option in Cura15.04 Both : Both support and product use T0 First extruder: Both support and product use T0 Sencond extruder: Use T0 in main product , T1 in Support. Thanks!
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