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  1. Hi there please could I get some advice? I have reassembled my UM2 after a repair and have managed to put back most connections so it turns on, using another UM2 (extended) as reference when rewiring But 1 wiring difference between the printer models UM2 heated bed wires are blue and brown UM2 Extended both wires are grey does it matter which way round blue and brown wires go when connected to the green heated bed terminal ? if so which colored wire goes next to the X step connector? Many thanks
  2. Many thanks that is really helpful thank you
  3. Hi All hoping somebody could please direct me to site to buy components for motherboard I have sheared the 2 pins on the TEMP 1 socket so the thermistor won't seat and need to resolder I think its called 2 pin header (molex?) but would like some comfirmation Many Thanks Simon
  4. Hello good people on the Ultimaker forum! my name is Simon and I am a tech, looking for any help or advice on putting an Ultimaker 2 back together from its completely dissembled state Please could anyone tell me the correct assembly order for putting back the gantry: rods and belts and shutting them into the frame? and any hints or tips on doing this would be great Many thanks Simon
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