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  1. Thanks both. I've done my best to clean out the printing head (although theres still some stuck around the wires I can't shift)... and re-fitted the boyden tube making sure it is down as far it will go. Its been printing mostly OK for a couple of hours so hopefully thats fixed. Fingers crossed, and thanks again for your help!
  2. Hi. I had a major issue with a print overnight and came back to find our Ultimaker 2+ a little worse for wear with various pieces bent out of shape and melted PLA attached to multiple components. After resetting/recalibrating everything, it is mostly behaving however the material (still PLA) is not feeding properly - it keeps concertina-ing inside the print head (see attached picture). I've tried all the usual things with the feeder, cleaning the printer head, re-threading the PLA etc but the same thing happens again as soon as it starts to print (but seems OK when using 'Move Material'). I don't know if its related, but there is a whole load of melted PLA stuck in the printer head which I cannot get out (see other attached picture). Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Nick.
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